Where is the “pro-choice” for men?

Get Out of Jail FREE!

Recently, the subject of abortion has started to percolate again as evidenced by an increase articles discussing the subject.  The pro-choice camp is moving to stave off attempts to have the landmark case, Roe v. Wade, overturned.  Quick fingers all point to arch villain, Speaker Boehner, cast as the evil tritagonist who is determined to burden innocent and defenseless females with the saddle of unintended pregnancy.

I don’t typically write about this subject because I agree with the right of a woman to choose what happens to her body.  My agreement should not be understood to mean I’m in solidarity with all pro-choice talking points, in point of fact, much of them I find quite illogical and rather self-serving of it’s proponents.

Let me comment on one of the pro-choice articles I recently read using this passage from it as a reference point (http://www.cavalierdaily.com/2011/02/11/procedure-with-caution/)

…as men will never experience pregnancy, think they have the moral authority to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. The only person with enough understanding to make decisions governing reproduction is the individual woman, because she is the foremost moral authority when it comes to her own life.

First things first, a few quick observations on the above:

  1. Men will never experience pregnancy – Agreed
  2. “Men think” they have the moral authority to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body – Wrong, most men don’t think that at all, although I’m certain a large number still do.
  3. The only person with enough understanding to make decisions governing reproduction is the individual woman – Wrong, it takes two to do this dance. Men get blamed (or credited) for ‘making the decision’ on reproduction all the time.
  4. She is the foremost moral authority when it comes to her own life – Agreed, emphasis should be placed on “when it comes to her own life”.

It’s the lack of taking responsibility for one’s own actions that is mostly at issue.  In this scenario, women get pregnant without intention to do so, then want someone, anyone, but usually the government, to pay to have it terminated, at least that is the common mantra for this type of thinking.

18 Years in Jail!

If we truly used the same logic (the “it’s not my fault” kind), we’d have the government pay the child support for the man’s unfortunate and unintended situation too (it may not have been his fault either!). Why does a woman get the “get out of jail free card” if she wants to terminate but a man doesn’t if she chooses to have the child?

Here’s the “800 pound gorilla in the room” question, what if the man WANTS the child but the woman doesn’t? Interesting, don’t you think?  A woman would have just nine months worth of consequence if she were forced to keep the child to term so that a willing father could raise it, yet the man would be forced to have 18 years worth of consequence if SHE wanted it and he didn’t.

Where is the moral fairness in that?

One final thought,

the responsibility for Roe v. Wade being overturned will always lay at the feet of the United States Supreme Court.

Thanks for reading this far.


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2 Responses

  1. Tim Hief says:

    Hi James. Not sure I quite know how to answer the ‘beer’ argument. Like I said in the blog, most pro-choice discussions want to assert that it is only a woman that should control what happens to her body, then they turn around and blame the man for not wearing protection. I don’t know the actual percentages, however, I wouldn’t find much objecting from anyone in saying that it’s younger women that “make the choice” by not talking the right precautions. Since it’s her body that will change, since she will be in a position to terminate the pregnancy, it follows that she should bear the responsibility for her actions.

    Now, follow this, a man and a woman are driving in a car, she wants to go faster (she likes the thrill of it) but though he’s hesitant… faster he goes until he can’t say NO (stopping in time) until he can’t avoid an accident. Imagine us forcing the woman to pay all the bills?

    Women would scream, “This is outrageous! It was his car, he didn’t have to go that fast, I wasn’t the one in control of the car!”

    It’s the same analogy. It defies logic to say only a woman can decide these things but force a man to pay. It’s about personal responsibility. Drivers know that if they get in an accident, the weight rests on their shoulders alone, as it should be. If he didn’t want to go fast, he didn’t have too.

    I only assert that all of the arguments should be consistent. The standard “pro-choice” analogy fails when it ceases to have the weight of responsibility rest where it should.

  2. James Conrad says:

    Sorry, Tim. I don’t know you but I know Eric. I will take that association to disagree with you.

    The argument you present is old-hat, and there are plenty of objections on teh tubes refuting you. But here I just want to point out that we men do not have to surrender 9 months of beer appreciation. I really think I couldn’t go beer-free for 9 months; and I hope the women that do have planned it out. The sort of casual impregnation you use in this post doesn’t seem to let the girls have any forethought in the matter. Miscommunication and accidents happen: how would you correct those problems?