Valentine in the Queen’s English!

Valentine_in_the_Queens_EnglishI met her in the middle of December, by January I was smitten… the photo was taken at the Space Needle in Seattle this past week on the occasion of reopening the newly remodeled Sky City Restaurant. She and I had a wonderful time, we even saw a RAINBOW that appeared and it was complete…. end to end. Love at any age is grand, don’t you think? Happy Valentine’s Day!

Can You Not Hear

By Tim Hief, January 2, 2007

Can you not hear, ’tis but a faint sound?
If you busy yourself with folly, it will pass unnoticed.

If vain love be your companion, surely you will flee
And set free your motives to romance.

She will hear the sound. She will know her part.
Able to sing without thought of consequence,
She will tease me with her own melody.

As pleasing as it is, if not for me, the melody
I am withered and without reprieve.

Take thought of my heart, it hears without further urging.
Baring the hope, even the fate of my muse.

Can you not hear, ’tis the sound, yea the song,
of my heart coming alive.

Now be still. The song has yet to chance an ending.


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7 Responses

  1. Kim says:

    Hey…you wrote an excellent poem! Totally…and the pic…is priceless! Lucky lady! xo

  2. Monica says:

    Beautiful poem Tim…straight from your heart!! The view from your restaurant table looks magnificent!!!! And yes, Love at ANY age is grand!!! xox

  3. Rose J. says:

    Oh I love rainbows! A sign of the beautiful things yet to come for you and your wonderful lady, I hope! I think love at any age is wonderful & grand. But at our age, I am pretty close to your age (I'm 44), I think it's even more precious because we have learned so much in our lives, and we know how fragile love can be, and we still carry that hope in our hearts! I've been divorced twice (like you, and I hate saying that too, btw, LOL), and I have never tried to give up the hope of finding love again. Love is just too beautiful to do without in life, and if we are lucky and we find it, we should hang on to it with every thing we have in our being. Happy Valentines Day to you!

  4. Tim H says:

    We had a wonderful time, and the views were fabulous. Just to clarify… I took that picture on Sunday when we had lunch at the Space Needle. 😀 We've already been!

    In case you are unaware, the Space Needle is a revolving restaurant so we had views of all of Seattle. Later, after lunch we walked on the outside observation deck and I got a few picture of a magnificent RAINBOW! The entire arc of the rainbow was visible, end to end. You can't script days like that. Happy Valentine's Eve, Sunny Bee.

  5. Sunny Bee says:

    Beautiful, beautiful poem, Tim….and, I second Eve….I wish I was going there too!!!!! Hope you and your sweetie have a romantic Valentine's day together!

  6. **** says:

    Ok that was supposed to be "even AN anti-valentine girl like me apprecoated it!" (I gots to stop drinkin this early in the morn)

  7. **** says:

    I absolutely love the photo there–wish I were spending my dinner tnight in that spot. The poem is lovely. Even and anti-Valentine girl like me appreciated it!