Vacations Are For Rest


“I had to come home to rest from my vacation!” You won’t likely hear that come from me… EVER! My day to day routines are quite busy and so most of my Seaside time is spent relaxing and doing as things on free-form schedule.

I left Tacoma at 10 PM in Friday, two and a half hours later I pulled into the resort. After all of the puttering around I ended up in bed about 2 AM and awoke without alarms around 9:30 AM. After a few good scratches here and there, a nice hot shower and a simple breakfast I found the couch an inviting place to stretch out again. I’m in Seaside enough that it has a ‘Second home’ feel to me now, I’ve seen most of the local sites and feel zero pressure to cram as much into my time here as possible. Doesn’t that couch look comfortable?

I’ve already started to take pictures, this one of course used the timer feature on the camera, but trust me, I stayed at the couch.

Later today I’ll end up on the beach, it’s still foggy but showing signs of burning off. I let my mind meander through all sorts of things going on in my life. It’s truly a retreat for me. Do you have a place you go just to think? I often talk out loud and roll play discussions with other people as a way of ‘hearing’ what it is I want to communicate. Sometimes the things I want to say come out really, really awful. Thankfully no one ever hears what I am saying, it’s the beach ya know and the waves are never politely quiet here. The waves thunder on the shore just as they have done since the beginning of time I suspect. It is against the backdrop of their reliable behavior that I find a sense of stability.

I’ll probably post a few more Seaside blogs before this trip is over. Curiously, I read my own blogs to reconnect with feelings and events I’ve written about. It’s not merely for public consumption, it’s a healthy, and healing experience to ‘get clear’ by writing.

More fodder from the beach to follow.

Thanks for reading this far. Cowabonga!


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3 Responses

  1. Monica says:

    Happy to hear that you are having a relaxing time!! I love the sound of the ocean as I am drifting off to sleep….even if it is just on the sterio… *wink*

  2. Sunny Bee says:

    That picture is cool…it almost looks like a drawing….glad you are having some "ME" time, that is always good for the soul…..have a nice, relaxing vacation!

  3. Rose J. says:

    Oh I am envious. I would love to go off alone and just relax for a couple of days or a day for that matter. There is an art to really relaxing, and many people cannot do it. This is so good for the soul, enjoy!