Two shall become one!

Wedding_PartyIt goes without saying that Colleen and I have joined our lives, but the bigger picture of course is the merging of families from two curiously different countries. The bulk of Canada’s population is near the US border, as a consequence of proximity they get educated about the happenings in the US more so than anyone in our country ever pays attention to Canadian culture.

At our wedding, Rachel (Colleen’s youngest) met some of my family, inevitably she had to hear all the comments about the Canadian stereotype accent. You know exactly what I mean ‘eh’! With the exception of my mother, I think everyone at the wedding had to wisecrack on the pronunciation of ‘aboot’ and ‘sedule’ or even ‘PROcess’. We, of course, say ‘abOUT’, ‘schedule’ and ‘process’ (as prah-cess). Rachel has the same polite approach to interacting with new acquaintances as does Colleen, she took all the poking fun in stride and a good time was had by all. By the time we had our ‘Dessertion’ (no reception this night, just an evening out for dessert) we were all relaxed and laughing so hard even the best dressed of us could have had milk flying out of our noses had we been drinking it. It was a fabulous way to start off our saga as a new family.

My family has many more questions about Canadian life, as I did, but are finding out that the only thing that truly separates our families has been a border that seems very senseless.

You’ll hear more of how we create more memories between the two, but for now, suffice it to say love from both sides will come easy.

Thanks for reading this far.


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7 Responses

  1. Oregoncelt says:

    You both look so incredibly happy…Congratulations my dear you have found a wonderful home in someone else's heart. I cannot tell you how much love and happiness I wish you both for the many years to come. I always knew you were a great guy and now you have an amazing lady by your side. Thank you for your words of wisdom in my life and for sharing it for a brief time. I will always cherish that close friendship. Take care and keep in touch if you can. Love, Sherri

  2. **** says:

    Geez,..I am so happy I had to say it twice!

  3. **** says:

    I am so happy you married a Canadian! My mom is French Canadian and her whole family lives in Ontario. So happy for you, Tim,..congrats to the both of you. We look forward to hearing more about the merging of the two families!

  4. Monica says:

    Hey…Yahoo is going to let me comment…lol Congrats to you both…I know I have told you before…but I am SOOOO happy for the two of you!! xo

  5. Sandy B says:

    My sister married a Canadian, so I grew up calling sofas chesterfields and diapers nappies, drinking homo milk and shopping at the Bay Company… And I still say eh. Canada is terrific. Our chocolate is better though!

  6. Rose J. says:

    Congratulations to both of you. I have learned so much about the English and Irish cultures, and you too will be a Canadian expert in no time.

  7. Sunny Bee says:

    GOD BLESS AND BEST WISHES TO YOU BOTH…. I never thought about the time difference….and I thought it was going to be at 7:30…..I'm so sad I missed it…..well, all the best, enjoy, have fun, and congratulations you two!