TSS (aka That Special Someone) Do you have it?

TSS_That_Speical_SomeoneTSS is a condition that is recognized globally, though the UN does not get involved when those afflicted suffer from misuse of TSS. TSS is rarely taken seriously for very long. After a period of time TSS can become neglected leaving it in an unhealthy state. TSS can eventually burden us because we are so quick to believe it solves problems. TSS can be dangerous, making us vulnerable to other more debilitating situations, yet at some point we all want to have TSS.

I do not have TSS, though on several occasions I thought I had it, I’ve even been through personal counseling to recover from false TSS in my life. TSS can be highly addictive and most never fully learn to handle it for any length of time.

When I read personal ads I notice females are more likely to admit wanting it. Men apparently prefer to keep TSS a secret. I am always cautious of anyone mentioning TSS more than once in an essay because it flags a potential break from reality. TSS does not solve all our problems. Apparently there are two forms of TSS, the beneficial kind and the kind that makes us a co-dependent.

Doctors and leading counselors recommend the following maintenance procedures to remain healthy with TSS:

  • Quiet meals in subdued light
  • Sitting near fires
  • Relax often, don’t fight it.
  • Long walks, rain or shine are helpful with maintain a healthy TSS condition
  • Positive confessions about TSS have been shown to work too.
  • Lastly, admit you have TSS, even tell your family and friends. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.

Do you have TSS… “That Special Someone”.

Thanks for reading this far.


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7 Responses

  1. Tim H says:

    I think that one day we just wake up and realize we're afflicted with TSS. Our thoughts are consumed by TSS, we get nervous if TSS can't be seen often, and the real bugger is we worry about TSS getting hurt driving home in traffic! I'm always thankful for slow, bumper to bumper traffic coming home… no one dies at those speeds, especially TSS.

  2. **** says:

    LOl@ Sunny–she took the words right outta my comment! I definitely DO have TSS. As far as I know–it IS contagious—so unless you want it–make sure you disinfect this page, quick!

  3. Evi says:

    I have 🙂 And all doctors prescriptions have already given their effect and we are very healthy lol

  4. Sunny Bee says:

    Yes, but sometimes he's a PITA…….you know what that is, right??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! J/K!

  5. Valerie Smilesalot says:

    TSS overlaod!!!..Doctor of ILT (Inducing Love Therapy) has recommended that I tickle my fancy..huh!???? under scrutinous care as to not explode in over-induced dreaming/fanatasy..alas, it has not helped me at all…still cannot decipher…are there any other sufferers out there to aid me?

  6. unknown says:

    Nope, don't have TSS. Someday, it is my fondest hope to have it, though! BTW, did you know there is another malady called TSS? Quite unpleasant, but believe me, you would not have any chance of contracting it.

  7. Donna says:

    Some days, I think so, even though I may have though not. Recent events have made me appreciate my husband a lot more.