Today I was a soccer dad

Scenes from the field

Scenes from the field

Saturday was a day that is not played out often in my life. I took my son to his soccer game.

Last night it rained like I was it was February in Seattle Washington, some of the rain lingered into the early morning light. I heard my cell phone as it received the morning weather alert precisely at 8:10 AM as it does every morning and duly ignored it. Chris however arose and left the room to watch Saturday morning cartoons. I remember as a kid, on my game days, being just as interested in watching Johnny Quest or Captain America as I was in winning my baseball or soccer game too.

I got up, showered and off we went to a late morning meal at McDonald’s. He didn’t talk so much about the game, he was working me for a bowling outing. We ate at McD’s and returned home. Today was a lazy day of just being around each other. He’d look over my shoulder to read IM’s and I’d walk by him while he watched TV just to run my fingers through his thick black hair on route to some other room. It had a familiar feel to that of our summers together. I was at peace, he seemed to be also.

As game time drew closer Chris started to drop hints of leaving in time. He knew we’d have to stop to buy some energy foods for him and was worried we’d miss some of the practice before the game. At one point he said, “Dad, if we don’t leave in two minutes, we’re going to be late!” He was unaware that I was ready to leave, and at his two minute mark I told him to gather his things and we’d head out. Of course we got him the food and made it in time for the start of his practice. He was happy to have ‘told me’ when to leave, I could tell.

Chris is a young man without guile, innocent about most things and naive to match. Isn’t that what we want in our kids as long as possible?

The collage is of his pregame practice. I enjoy seeing him interact with the other kids his age, he’s so well accepted. These pictures freeze moment in time for me and I wanted to share them.

The evening continued with me showing up at my ex’s home with Chris to drop off his laundry and build a computer desk she had just purchased for him. Chris was excited to have me in the home being a family with him, his mother, and his step father. He asked me if I was happy to be there. I know it meant a lot for him to hear my answer. “Yes Chris, I am happy to be here.”

Today, life was good to me. Today I forgot about work and taxes and bills. Today I was a soccer dad. Tomorrow, I will return Chris to his home. Tomorrow I will see my daughter and I will morph into the ‘Cool dad’ that her boyfriend must meet. Tomorrow, life will be good one more time.

Again I observe this truth…. I have no problems.

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