Today I Moved On

todayimovedon.jpg…and then it dawns on me, today I moved on!

I count my blessings, I do. I have lovey kids that get excited to see me and will change their plans to do so when I come to Phoenix. I have a little dog, Fang, that never misses a chance at wagging his tail at me. I have a wonderful sports car, fun doesn’t quite describe the experience of driving it. And I have furniture I mostly like that is now being packed away.

I had a bizarre phone call regarding my former job, it irritated me. It meant nothing in the scheme of things since the contract is over and we’re all moving on. Still, when I’m mad or irritated in that fashion I start to clean. Since my house is clean (no kids to mess it up, and no dancing girls that leave traces) I turned to the next busy work on my radar. Without hesitation I disassembled the dining room table and removed everything from the room except for Fangs kennel and dishes.

This Monday seems different than most ‘post contract Mondays’. This one was full of change.

All sorts of things flashed through my mind during the course of the day. Here are a few thoughts….

I noticed that for my kids, coming home is never my home. It will always be another place. That’s sad, even pathetic, but it paid me a visit this day.

The place of family meals was packed away now. This is the last home I shared, even if briefly, with my last wife. We did have a few family meals in this dining room even if I was unaware of what loomed ahead, just out of sight still. I’ve been married twice. The dinner table was full of good memories during both marriages, I don’t recall ugliness. Growing up we always came together at least once a day…. the dining room dinner table. As a dad I insisted on the ritual of togetherness in that way. I’ll have that again, but for now I’m movin’ on.

My little dog Fang is five years old now. Where did the time go? Another dog of mine, Jacks, was five when I adopted her. I fell completely in love with Jacks, she came at a time of need and never disappointed me. Fang is that age now. He’s a gentle, lovely little creature. He can win the heart of even the most non-dog person now, just like Jacks. Actually, I was wrong to say “I’m movin’ on.” I should have said “We’re movin’ on.” Fangs goes with me!

I miss what I had. I don’t want to move on, but I do need to move on.

The good time never really left me ya know, the lights just went out for a bit. They’re on again and I see I’m movin’ on. And today, that’s what dawned on me.

I have no problems in life.

Thanks for reading this far. Image


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