Timeless Ocean Views and Lunch With Brothers

timelessoceanviews.jpgOne of the reasons I enjoy the beach is it’s timeless existence. The beach is largely unchanged from year to year and so I can relive moments that were special with each visit. The picture above was taken in September of 2005, I could have posted similar pictures from each visit since then too. Timeless, eternal, enduring, consistant, vigilant…. what would you say of the beach?

I have plan that involves being at the beach. Someday I want to own a home or a condo on the beach, I want to pass it on to my kids someday too. I want to have holidays there that bring happy recollections to all who are there, especially me. I’m making a list of all the beaches I want to someday make love on. I want to learn to row a kayak out from the shores and to fish from the beaches. I want to continue to take pictures of the beach, I don’t think I’ve capture it as I would like too.

So I’m off to the beach again this Friday, I will arrive late at night because I will also be at my brother’s Thanksgiving dinner, a day late. I’ve been to Seaside enough times now that I don’t feel the need to explore every tourist attraction the area offers. I think that is when a person can truly relax and absorb it’s fullness. I’m hoping for a big storm or two or three while i’m there. How fun will that be? From my room I have a wonderful view of the ocean so the prospect of a storm is exciting. I’ll laze around, watch tv, play my guitar and work on my computer some. All in all, it will be a restful time for me. Cooking is another matter of course. I am likely to bring a generous supply of cup-o-noddles this time. I’m not in the mood to plan meals much in advance this time around. Eggs, toast with jelly, and a steak or three during the week and I’ll consider it all a success. Of course I will go to Mo’s and enjoy a breadbowl of their clamchowder with shrimp on top. Yummy.

Other things on my mind….

I interviewed today for a new contract. The interview went well as far as I can tell, but the proof will come later in the week. They are going to extend an inviation for only two or three consultants to bid on the job, I expect to be one of them. With any luck I may be the only one. Wouldn’t that be grand!

I had lunch with my brother, Dan, today. We don’t do that as much as we should and I think someday we’ll try to redeem the time better. We joked and laughed as only two close brothers can do, covering all kinds of subjects and finding the humor in most. At one point we talked about what we “Reserve the right to…”. Along with reserving the right the change for the better, we added,

We reserve the right to refer to departing girlfriends as fat cows, even if their weight never changed over the course of the relationship.

Ok, I thought it was funny at the time. It’s meant in jest of course, we laughed very long on that one. Am I the only one who had to get divorced to really understand divorce jokes? Just curious here.

The other day I was going through some pictures from last December of a family event I attended. It is the most recent time all four of us kids were together. My oldest sister, Robin was looking nice that day and I’d say she was on her game. Melanie, my younger sister hosted the event and true to form she was the hostess with the mostess. Dan seemed happy too. This Friday I’ll be sure I get at least on picture with us four kids and mom together.

Holidays are a bit weird for me again as I am usually alone. Anyone that knows me understands how I can be the life of a party without much provocation, thus being alone at such events is not pleasant for me. Everyone has someone, except me. My only true lament at my divorce a year ago is that it was like having yet another family ripped from me. I don’t think most women understand that feeling, they usually ‘get the kids’ in the break up. We go through empty nest without much style or grace, at least I didn’t. I missed my kids and I didn’t care who knows it or had to hear it.

On a brighter note, I think I’ve found a young lover for Fang. A very cute, intelligent female chihuahua named Nellie. Her owner and I have agreed to attempt a family merger! I hope Fang knows what his ‘his pupose in life ‘ is for. I may need to force him to watch some Animal Planet/National Geographic shows with animal mating going on.

Life is always getting better, I have no problems.

Thanks for reading this far. ::::curtsey::::


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  1. Sandy B says:

    What a great essay.. I grew up by the ocean – I went swimming in the Indian Ocean every single day – and feel a powerful connection to the water. There's nothing like the surge and slap of the waves to put life into perspective. And just about any beach can do.. Even lights twinkling on a lake can do it for me.
    Making love on the beach – that's something I've always wanted to do… Can't happen in Oregon though, it's just too bloody windy and cold there (at least it has been the few times I've been there.. Then again, perhaps it was the company I was keeping which kept the libidinous thoughts at bay). Now in Indonesia, where the sand is like sugar and the sun in like honey, that's the perfect setting for it. May your vacation in Seaside be perfect… Sandy