The Vocabulary of Sleeplessness.

I have insomnia a lot, so I get a lot of time during the night to think about not sleeping and the peculiar qualities of the time that I’m awake. So I’ve come up with a few terms to help describe the phenomenon. Feel free to add others in the comments!

Insomnia: Habitual sleeplessness or the inability to sleep.

Insomniac: Person suffering from insomnia. See also, zombie.

Insomnoid: Having the particular qualities of insomnia.

Insomniod: A period of wakefulness during normal sleep hours, with an onset of approximately 2-4 hours after falling asleep (the “preinsomniodal period” and lasting until approximately 5-7 minutes (the “postinsomniodal period“)  before the alarm goes off.

Insomnilicious(ness): The quality of food and/or drink to become particularly tasty during the insomniod. See also, “insomntresting.”

Insomniscience: A vivid feeling that one has “figured it all out” or solved some insomnid or insomniloop.  The precise formulation, however, is lost upon waking.

Insomnificacious: Tending to produce insomnia (see “worry,” “Annoying Facebook comments,” “chili,” etc.)

Insomnid: Past or current slights, errors, embarrassments, problems, or song lyrics that occupy the mind during the insomniod (sc.). See also “insomniloop.”

Insomntresting: The quality of some insomnids to be particularly engaging and mentally occupying.

Dysinsomnia: Poor insomnia, especially insomnia interrupted by short periods of purposeless sleep.

Insomniloop: A persistent and reoccurrent insomid, such as a thought, worry, idea, or broadway show toon lyric imagined as sung in a Marlene Dietrich accent.

Insomnertia: The gravitational force of the bed during the insomniod that keeps the insomniac from getting up and doing something that might help him/her go back to sleep.

Insomnidal: A condition of being in such deep despair because of insomnia that one is willing to do, or take, practically anything to try and sleep.

Insomnitch: A sudden and annoying skin irritation, occurring just when the insomniac is about the fall asleep, which prolongs the insomniod until the postinsomnoidal period. See also, insomnifortability.

Insomnifortablity: The inability to get comfortable for more than approximately 35-45 seconds during the insomniod.

Insomnover: A condition of debilitating incoherence of thought, speech, and plans brought on by insomnia. This period lasts from the end of the postinsomnoidal to the beginning of the preinsomnoidal period.



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    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post
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