The Eyes Have It!

theeyeshaveit.jpgTHE EYES HAVE IT! There was a time during a magical visit to a majestic mountain that I encountered a pair of eyes that had more depth, more color, and more warmth then i’d ever seen before. These eyes had an intoxicating effect on me like none I’d seen before. I would stare at her only to quickly turn away when I thought she was looking in my direction. I didn’t want to appear to obvious, that would be more like a love-struck school boy and I couldn’t have that happen! After several near misses, I turned one more time to spy her and to my utter amazement she returned my gaze, smiled back at me and winked.

In short order I was next to her, talking as if we’d known each other for some time. She laughed at my jokes and even commented that she wasn’t the type to ‘get’ humor, saying when others would laugh she’d still be wondering what was so funny. But she did ‘get’ mine. The morning passed to afternoon without hardly a notice of the time. I wanted a picture with her and handed my camera to another tourist.

Just as the picture was going to be taken she leaned over to my cheek and kissed me.

Breathless doesn’t quite describe that moment in time for me. It is the unrehearsed moments of innocent affection that stay with me most. This was one such moment.

On this day I believed in love at first site, on this day the mountain was nothing more than a prop, and on this day at least of me….. the eyes have it!

Thanks for reading this far.


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3 Responses

  1. **** says:

    Lovely story, amazing photo. Makes me wonder, was that the end? Just a chance meeting/picture, then poof–nothing?

  2. ChosenLady says:

    Gee, that's too easy. I like beating them off with a stick.
    Flatering though. Iim, where is she?

  3. Sandy B says:

    Wow, is this recent, or history? Does this mean you've found the love of your life? If so, congratulations.
    That initial meeting reminds me of something my primatologist friend told me about how primates make friends; they do the exact same thing, meeting eyes and then looking away, then meeting the eyes again. When we were in Bali he demonstrated this by glancing at a female monkey and glancing away, until she lay down and invited him to groom her. 🙂 he told me he tells his female students to do the same thing to men they're attracted to in a bar, glancing at him and glancing away, until the guy is intrigued and comes over to make contact. He swears it works; apparently it does. I will have to try it sometime!