Thanksgiving and The Refinished Table

thanksgivingtable.jpgWhat do you have to be thankful for? Family, health, love, employment, all things that typically get mentioned at a time like this. I’ve recognized them on many Thanksgiving Days in the past, and likely will in the future. On this Thanksgiving Day I have a TABLE to be thankful for. A table? It’s not an obvious thing to be thankful for is it?

The table in the picture is a table made by my grandfather many years ago and given to our family while I was very young. He hand made chairs for it, along with four table inserts so that it would always be big enough for family gatherings. We gathered around this table at nearly every holiday I can remember until I moved to Phoenix. When I returned to Washington to live near the family the table was there to carry the load of family gatherings.

Over the years the table fell onto hard times and lost it’s luster. Eventually it was given to my brother who always kept it covered. Recently my brother sent the table out to be restored by local artisans of such things. They overhauled the mechanical parts, realigned it, reglued a few places and finally completely stripped and refinished it to match the chairs my brother bought. The table, as you can see in the picture is absolutely beautiful! We had our family Thanksgiving on it again for the first time in a number of years. My mother, my sisters, brother, and I all marveled at the results. It caused us to take trips down memory lane, something we haven’t done in years either.

So, this table represents a legacy worth remembering. It was made with love, given in love and used in love… and then finally restored in love.

Someday this table will pass onto one of my brothers kids, sadly, mine will not be much apart of it’s future. Still, the legacy it represents to our family is timeless.

Thanks for reading this far. Image


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2 Responses

  1. **** says:

    My husband is a 5th generation builder–and yet we have only a few precious items from his father that were hand made. He, however, has made several peices in my own home–and they are so special to me and my family. I love things that have a history and a story to tell. I myself have not many things from my own family–bring the "youngest of 10"–it was all spoken for by the time I came around to caring. I do buy antiques–my own dining room set is from the early 20's (it is in my blog)–and I often wonder what families congregated around that old table.

  2. Debra ^j^ says:

    "So, this table represents a legacy worth remembering. It was made with love, given in love and used in love… and then finally restored in love."

    Beautiful, Tim, absolutely beautiful!

    I am glad you had a memorable Thanksgiving. Hopefully, the Holidays will be a little lighter for you this year. And we can always HOPE for SNOW! 🙂

    as always,