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My Boy Is Coming of Age

…HOWEVER, and this is a big one, Best Buy had a killer sale on a laptop computer. Chris gets bored with such shopping and scurried off to play video games in the store. While he was gone I purchased the laptop and gave it to him to carry while we walked out. At first he didn’t realize that it was his very first laptop, then I told him what I’d done. You never saw a kid’s eyes grow so huge!


Make mine a tall stack please

Some of the happiest memories for me were made at our dinner table. We all talked, each talking over the other until mom or dad would yell they couldn’t hear themselves think, or coaching us, “…one at a time, it’s only polite!”


Life is ending in three days

For as long as I can recall I’ve remembered dates, I think its how I am wired. I can make an “anniversary” out of just about any event that catches my attention. Over the...