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Home Ownership and the St. Louis Blues.

Most of us cannot live off of our home plot — our homes house us, but cannot otherwise sustain and maintain us in times of trouble. We work to sustain and maintain them instead. Sometimes — many times — it takes more than we’ve got to give.


Who Is It That Haunts Your Past?

During an amazing moment of clarity I discovered the walls and trenches made me a prisoner, they in fact surrounded me, something akin to the Berlin Wall. While I looked out and saw others moving on to new relationships, exciting relationships that I wanted too, I was unreachable because I’d built my own Berlin wall. I had a circle of friends that would ‘fly in’, but would always escape to freedom when the visit was over. This walled city, the prison, was of my own doing.


New beginnings, liberty, and new cars

New beginnings are breaking out everywhere. In the past three weeks I’ve heard of new relationships starting up, new jobs showing up (just when needed), new businesses launching and some friends even returning to...