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Life Is Easier Now, Even If I Forgot The Date

My daughter, Gina, has decided to return to studies that will lead to a degree in medicine. I’m proud of her, she is doing life much like I’ve both taught and modeled for her.

I teach my kids to ‘try careers on for size.’ Wear them for awhile and see how they fit on you. Talk the talk, walk the walk in as much as you can. Reserve the right to change for the better, and don’t fear failure.

Failure simple means you are taking risks and moving forward.


An Ocean For Your Thoughts

If you have never walked the Promenade at Seaside then you are missing one of the more memorable walks. Along it’s path is the well know Seaside Aquarium, the rows of hotels, and finally the many nicely kept beachfront homes. It’s well lit at night and can be a very romantic experience too.