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American Idol Journal – Week 10 (Top 4)

One reality of this season is about to happen, that being my prediction of two girls and two boys would making it to the final four.  Further I nailed which four it would be.  Let’s see if I can get…


American Idol Journal – Week 7 (Top 7)

For so many weeks the judges have been trying to get him to sing more controlled, to “tone it down” even and suddenly this week THAT is what they didn’t like about him. Again, how can anyone take these judges seriously?


American Idol Journal – Since when did this ever happen?

I suppose the American Idol folks won’t take ‘NO’ for an answer when it comes to their real choice as winner, Lauren Alaina. I’ve been keeping tabs on appearances of the AI Season 10 winner and his appearances.


American Idol Journal – Week 6 (Top 8)

Hmmm… first, can we all agree that N’iffer is about to experience the downside of over exposure? Sadly, I’ve started to tune her out.

Paul McDonald sang That Old Time Rock and Roll. He was channeling a Porter Wagoner with that suit, I liked it. I suppose it was ok for the type of evening it is, but I thought this was a competition for ‘contestants’ not blonde sax players. And ‘Niffer said, “Blah, blah, blah, blah…”