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Happy Valentine’s Day

I write poetry in addition to my other writing passions. Although I wrote this about 4.5 months prior to meeting my wife, it only touches the surface of my love for her. Love at any age is grand, don’t you think? Happy Valentine’s Day!


A Peaceful Wind Came My Way

Since April 2006 I’ve been writing poems. I’m not sure exactly why I started to compose them but when the mood strikes the words flow without effort. Curiously, they are Shakespearean in style and I write best when I use a theatrical English voice.

This is the poem I wrote for my wife, which I read to her on the occasion of our wedding. It speaks for itself and is truly heartfelt, she is a breath of fresh air, she energizes me, she makes me want to be a better man.


Valentine in the Queen’s English!

I met her in the middle of December, by January I was smitten… the photo was taken at the Space Needle in Seattle this past week on the occasion of reopening the newly remodeled...