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My Sisters Took Different Paths In Life

I have two of the most wonderful sisters ever created by God or man. Robin is older by three years, Melanie is younger by four. Both of my sisters have a gentle spirit, always looking for the good in people and even at this age in our lives they remain disarmingly naive about the underbelly of society. Don’t get me wrong, they haven’t had their head in the ground, they’ve just chosen to see things in a better light than most.


Love Hurts, Rewritten

I’ve always thought that the Nazareth song, Love Hurts, was one of the all-time great songs about love. But it’s hard to sing old songs sometimes without knowing what you know now. So, with apologies to Scottish rock fans everywhere,…


I Did a Bad, Bad Thing, Part V. Epilogue.

[The end to the story told in “I Did a Bad, Bad, Thing” Part 1, 2, 3, and 4] Ray raced past the study carrel where I was sitting in the library before making a screeching halt and coming back.…


Sex Gets Better With Age V: Partners

This is #5 in a series on sex and aging. If you have already read this preliminary disclosure, you may skip to the new material below the “more” button. Now be advised: I’m going to write about sex and these…


HOW TO: Long distance dating in a global neighborhood

Everyone it seemed had an opinion about online dating, especially those who were still gloriously married and by all appearances happy. Their advice ranged from proclaiming trust in God and go to church to find a good girl, to, well as long as you look locally you are probably ok. Many well meaning friends advised on being extremely cautious to the point you should not trust anything you hear or see coming from the internet.


Last time I said “I love you”

Gina made it out of the parking lot about 30 seconds before me, as I pulled out I recall thinking I hope she doesn’t make the light so I can wave goodbye one more time.

The little lead footed debutante easily made the light and onto the freeway.

I was at the light, two cars back and considering calling her. The light changed, the two cars in front of me move off quickly, I was a bit slow on the gas this time. Just as I entered the intersection I could see a car up on the concrete median coming my way, sparks and car parts flying in every direction.


Erika and Nathaniel’s Homily

About seven years ago, I found myself standing on our front porch observing something strange. My daughter had brought her boyfriend – someone very, very special – down to our home to really get to meet him. He arrived in…


Happy Valentine’s Day

I write poetry in addition to my other writing passions. Although I wrote this about 4.5 months prior to meeting my wife, it only touches the surface of my love for her. Love at any age is grand, don’t you think? Happy Valentine’s Day!