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HOW TO: Long distance dating in a global neighborhood

Everyone it seemed had an opinion about online dating, especially those who were still gloriously married and by all appearances happy. Their advice ranged from proclaiming trust in God and go to church to find a good girl, to, well as long as you look locally you are probably ok. Many well meaning friends advised on being extremely cautious to the point you should not trust anything you hear or see coming from the internet.


Google’s Android is making history…ur…uh…repeating it actually

The beginning of the modern desktop computer age actually began in the late 1970’s, however, it wasn’t until IBM tossed their hat in the ring (circa 1984) with the ‘Peanut’ that all of business knew there was a future for desktop computing. The name, ‘Peanut’, was used to match Apples usage of a nut to name their new computer, the Macintosh (now referred to as simply the Mac).