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American Idol Journal – Week 8 (Top 6)

This night turned up some unexpected things. First, two wardrobe FAILS… ‘Niffer comes out looking like a latino Pebbles Flintstone, second, Jacob Lusk looking like the old Windows HOT DOG STAND theme.


American Idol Journal – Week 4 (Top 11… again)

Change the songs and the clothes and this is something of a Week 3 Redux. Solid performances by eight of the contestants, the remaining three were a bit of a disappointment.

Haley Reinhart

Once again I am struck by the few singers that performed well enough but were forgotten, at least until the recap…


American Idol Journal – WEEK 7 STEFANO IS LAN-GONE!

Stefano Langone says goodbye this evening, bitter sweet I say. Stefano has a quality voice but failed to perform at a high level each week. I had forgotten that he was a wild card save for the Top 12 (turned out to be the Top 13, remember Naima, she was in that final “tough call” for the judges) many weeks ago. It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that he lasted to the Top 7, good on him.


American Idol Journal – Week 3 (Top 11)

It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks.  Don’t be so surprised, the folks that produce the show finally corrected the monitoring issues  and magically, everyone sang on pitch for the most part (at least nothing…


American Idol Journal – Week 7 (Top 7)

For so many weeks the judges have been trying to get him to sing more controlled, to “tone it down” even and suddenly this week THAT is what they didn’t like about him. Again, how can anyone take these judges seriously?


American Idol Journal – WEEK 10 JAMES DURBIN IS GONE!

James Durbin joins the other downcast Idol hopefuls in the Summer Tour green room. I consider this the biggest upset of the season. James had one truly bad week, unfortunately for him it was in recent weeks and the memory of it may have caught up with his ‘on the fence’ fan base.


American Idol Journal – Week 9 (Top 5)

If I hear the phrase “In it to win it!” one more time I’m gonna scream. The only thing I can tell you is that when you hear such a well choreographed message like tonight it mean they are trying…


American Idol Journal – WEEK 8 CASEY ABRAMS IS GONE…AGAIN!

At some level we all knew Casey Abrams was destined to leave the show. Early on I knew he wouldn’t be the winner, after all, when the judges saved him the first time it seemed to create a bit of a Casey backlash. Further, after Pia Toscano was eliminated enough issue was made of their ‘waisted’ save on Casey. In the end, Casey never really got to bat again.