Serious Alternatives to Cable or Satellite TV

I am reexamining my television viewing habits, not so much ‘when’ of my viewing routine but the cost vs cheaper alternatives. Much to my surprise I have discovered that most of the major networks offer their normal programming online for FREE!  You just don’t get to watch it for free the same week it originally airs.  Hmmm… I can live with that.

The real question is, at least for me, of the shows I watch that are live, like American Idol or X-Factor, can I get them in some other fashion in a timely enough way to participate in voting?  I don’t have the answer yet.  If I didn’t still harbor the idea that my vote could make a difference then even those shows are available quickly after initial airing.

I’m sure my ‘internet only’ cost is going to rise, but I can cut back on some of the bandwidth to make it more reasonable, but I am going to immediately cut $120/mo out of my monthly budget just by keeping internet and cutting the cable tv portion of the service.  The net difference will likely be around $90/mo… big deal.

Below are website links for many of the major networks that have shows I watch.  oooo rahhhhh!









History Channel:





BBC:   < they have many free programs available on line too!







Did you know that you could cover most of your ‘other’ viewing considerations by getting Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime for less than $23/mo?
  I didn’t know that until I started this little quality of life exercise.  The reason I mention these other services is more for the variety of movies I can watch for less than one night out, say, eating at Denny’s.  Can’t we all just say NO to Denny’s one night a month and have something to show for it?

Another thing to consider is that I won’t be able to simply watch any sport shows I want but I’m working on that solution too.  I can update this blog post if I find a satisfying answer.

Still one more detail, in order to watch most of these shows on my wonderful large screen tv I will have to purchase an HDMI cable so that I can hook my laptop output to the tv… big deal!

The world of online entertainment is rapidly changing the face of options I have, I think it’s time for me to join this decade (2010-2019) and start saving some money.

Thanks for reading this far.

Note: A&E is not linked because they actually CHARGE for watching their shows online… it’s not cheap either.