Screencast: Facebook Privacy Maintenence

If you are like me then you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about Facebook and accepting invitations to join games and new features.  How simple too, just click the Accept button and you’re on your way to using some pretty great games and services.  They make it so easy, it’s like when debit cards first came out it was all too easy to spend everything in my checking account because I didn’t have the same ‘connection’ to process going on.  After a short while I discovered insufficient fund charges piling up.  Ouch.


Facebook games and applications are having that effect on many people the naively accept every intivation that comes across their desk to join in with friends.  The caution here is in giving so many different companies access to your personal information.  I created a ‘screencast’ to demonstrate how to check up on the application  you’ve allowed and just what they are taking from you in return for letting you user them.



Thanks for watching.


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