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While considering the best way to get the word out about, we considered a number of marketing strategies.  Finally, it became apparent that in order for others to hear about AFDN, someone must tell them, someone that they trust, someone with whom they can ask question about us if they want.  That someone is YOU, our already faithful readers.

Remember the simplicity of this strategy, the rest will take care of itself.  If you LIKE an article then SHARE it with others too.

Did you know to RATE an article you only need to mouse-over the STAR CLUSTER under the author’s name and select the rating you think it should have.  Simple, isn’t it!

Did you know to SHARE an article you only need to mouse-over the SHARE/SAVE graphic at the bottom of each article, select on what system you want to share and send it off. Simple, isn’t it!

Help us expand the readership of, won’t you?  Be a part of a blogsite that suddenly goes VIRAL across the net.