One year ago, second time around

oneyearagosecondtimearound.jpgReflections and recollections….

On this date last year my divorce was final. It is my second divorce. My marriages didn’t really fail, ultimately people changed and made choices. Changes had to be made. I thought I was the type to let go and move on quickly, I was wrong. Oddly, I moved on from this last marriage quickly but the eight month girlfriend that followed was harder. In time, that too found it’s way into my real view mirror.

One year ago this month I was in Phoenix visting my kids, I returned home to find the notice that my divorce had been signed off. Oddly, I’ve just returned from Phoenix again to find that I am at the one year mark, curious I think. I won’t wait as long to visit Phoenix again.

On another note, my contract suddenly ended. Seems they want someone onsite in San Jose. I’m not willing to be in San Jose at this point. It’s the nature of the business and I am good at finding work. Did I mention I bought a new sports car? Did I mention I bought my son a new laptop while I was in Phoenix? Image Believe that better times are on the way because they are.

Today I mowed the lawn, retrieved Fang, and pick up my mail at the post office while having them resume delivery. Today I learned that a friend of mine lost two very close friends in an ultralite plane crash in FL. I learned my sister is struggling with controlling her headaches and has thoughts of ending it all. My mother fell on Monday when her knee gave out, she’s alright but will be using a cane for awhile. I learned it’s easier to let your light shine than to cover it up.

I have no problems.

Thanks for reading this far. Image


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  1. Jan R says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Tim – it means alot!!!!!!!!!!