New beginnings, liberty, and new cars

newbeginningslibertycars.jpgNew beginnings are breaking out everywhere. In the past three weeks I’ve heard of new relationships starting up, new jobs showing up (just when needed), new businesses launching and some friends even returning to self-employment (my personal fav!). One thing that many lose sight of is the ending of any of the aforemended is a new beginning also.

For me at least my 2006 ended better than it began. 2006 was another year of change and challenges for me that I’d rather not soon revisit. In early March I broke off a stormy relationship with a woman I thought I could plan a future with, and ended the year with a woman with whom a future seems, at the very least, possible. In between was the kind of madness that ensures when a person jumps in the “Dating Rapids”. Now THAT isn’t for the faint of heart. During 2006, for the first time I experienced the unsettled feeling of being stalked by three different women also. Truly an eventful 12 months.

The waves of change that began for me with the break up of my second marriage in 2005 started me on a roller coaster of sorts, jobs, romance, finances, family… all tossed into the ride. Nothing was saved from the hairpin turns, double loops or tunnel turns for the better part of 15 months.

The Dating Rapids finally hit calmer waters in late September 2006 with an event I would not have typically associated with a more peaceful journey, I bought a sports car! I love sports cars and have owned a number of in the past. This purchase was different though. The car is a marker in time, a monument of sorts to remind me of the liberty I reclaimed.

I stood up to the unsettling forecasts of financial or romantic gloom that had been buffeting me, they were no more going to dictate how I live in the present. Many of us get paralyzed by such predictions, relegating us to living in moments that will never arrive. It is a sure death to a free spirit.

I see life through a unique filter, embracing the view of the forest that I cannot see but for which I must trust another to understand. Each new beginning coming to rest on my doorstep is embraced in the present.

Let your new beginnings reestablish liberty in your life. Carpe Diem!

Thanks for reading this far.


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7 Responses

  1. Sir Vili says:

    Hello, I "love" fast cars and i am curious to know more about Your sport car. I do not know about American cars so much, but european yes. I just bought German made Opel / Vauxhall Vectra 2.8 turbo OPC with 280 hp, torque 355 nm, max speed "limited" to 155 mph. Sprint time 0-60 mph takes 6.3 secs. So my car is not a sport car, but a normal family car.

    Here are some photos (if You are interested):

  2. **** says:

    Aw–reading this makes me want to go buy ME a sports car! (Just as soon as those kiddos of mine get a bit older–I am SO doing that!) I am tired of my big old SUV! Love this blog, Tim. I am inspired.

  3. Rose J. says:

    Yeah I drive an old beat up Ford Contour, I wonder if that represents something for me? LOL. Like don't seize the day, just get through it…lol…good luck navigating through those choppy waters.

  4. ugli says:

    You said "Each new beginning coming to rest on my doorstep is embraced in the present."
    Tim you are a lofty man, I will never forget your quote .

  5. ugli says:

    ok I hear you. Thank you for writing this blog, you have definitivellly inspired me.

  6. Sunny Bee says:

    Best of Luck with your new set of wheels….that's awesome!! Enjoy!

  7. Monica says:

    Here's to "Liberty"…. 🙂