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I came across this mid-1960’s Bob Hope movie with Elke Sommer, “Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!” and was compelled to revisit some of the comedy I grew up watching.

I enjoyed this classic 60’s witty comedy that makes sport of the whole “blonde bombshell” image that ruled Hollywood during this time.  You could tell the script was written for Bob , it is chalk full of one-liners delivered with precision by Hope and co-star Phyllis Diller.  Elke Sommer was perfectly cast in her role as a pampered sex-kitten whose main value to the plot was to suggest starlets of her type were only good for bubble bath scenes in movies.

Speaking of Phyllis Diller, she is a wonderful second fiddle to Hope, never taking over any of the scenes with her style of delivery, always making Bob look and sound better.

Marjorie Lord’s part could have been just about any 50’s/60’s era wife.  You’ll love the hairdo she sports throughout the entire movie.  One early scene has her coming down for breakfast with the family with her ‘do’ as perfect as when she left the hair dresser the day before.

As with every movie since the beginning, the star must have a running scene, Bob does his best at “running”, but since he is really in his 60’s when this film was made it’s not quite Olympic form.  I enjoyed all of the chase scenes in the classic Ford Galaxy 500 police cars, Diller even got into the act on a red Honda 90 motorcycle that had no problem catching the speeding cars from behind.

This is a movie the family can see of course, but for it’s time was a bit racy.  I don’t recall being allowed to watch this stuff until years later.

Below is the Nexflix description:

Bob Hope stars as a real estate agent who innocently agrees to hide a bombshell movie starlet (Elke Sommer) in his country cottage, away from the prying eyes of the media. But with a nosy housekeeper (Phyllis Diller) and a loving wife (Marjorie Lord) who keeps popping in, how long until the jig is up? Directed by George Marshall, this classic farce also features Cesare Danova, Benny Baker, Kevin Burchett and Kelly Thordsen.”

Benny Baker and Kelly Thordsen are the two Oregon State Troopers, investigating the sightings of the missing movie star, Di Di.  You’ll recognized them as well known character actors, having been in many movies and television shows ranging from westerns to police shows.

Kevin Burchett gets mentioned in the credits too.  He plays Larry, Bob’s son; his part isn’t very big but he was at the height of his career when he was cast.  Bob’s daughter (in the movie), Doris, is older than Larry and is easily recognizable too, but doesn’t appear in most credits. Kevin Burchett continued to be in movies and television until dropping off the radar in 1971, appearing one more time in an uncredited role in 2003 as a Hotel Concierge in the movie, Shade.


Bob Hope

Elke Sommer

Phyllis Diller

Marjorie Lord


This movie is still available for instant watching on Netflix and will leave you smiling the rest of the night!


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