Netflix Friday!

You’ll discover in due time that I enjoy the campy cold-war super spy shows and movies of the 1960’s. I’m sure it could be rightly understood as it’s own genre.  This week I reacquainted myself with one of those films, “In Like Flint” starring James Coburn.

This is actually the second of two “Flint” movies, the first being “Our Man Flint” that is not available for streaming, hence the pick of “In Like Flint” for this week’s Netflix Friday recommendation.

The movie is a great example of this genre, it has an outrageous plot, trips to space, secret island hold ups for the bad guys (or in this case, the bad girls), pretty and willing romantic interests for the super spy and finally, incompetent politicians.  One scene in particular was fun for me, the scene in which Flint discovers the President has been replaced by a look-a-like actor!  And this movie was made in 1967!  You have got to see this just for Flints reaction.  Yes, I laughed out loud.

Below is the Netflix description

James Coburn

“Suave stud Derek Flint returns in the sequel to Our Man Flint — and this time, he’s up against more than he bargained for! A group of powerful female tycoons have concocted a method of brainwashing women through beauty salon hair dryers; with the women in the world enslaved, these distaff dominatrixes hijack the first U.S. space platform and replace the president with their own surgically reproduced clone.”

The movie stars some creditable actors/actresses in James Coburn, Lee J. Cobb, Andrew Duggan, Anna Lee, Jean Hale, Hanna Landy and others.

Even a short sequence with Yvonne Craig, as a Russian ballerina, is great fun.  In one scene Craig (think, the original Batgirl from the 60’s TV series) is seen dancing to decadent American music, it will remind you of the beach movies of the 60’s.

Another star, Hanna Landy, best know for her starring role in “Rosemary’s Baby”, adds to the Flint mystique as does Jean Hale, who is the “face” of the bad girls. She falls for Flint after he forcefully kisses her, just to “get that part over with.”

I enjoyed this film, you will too.  Get the popcorn and pull up in the bean bag chairs on the family room floor, it’ll be great fun for all.

Lee J. Cobb
Andrew Duggan
Anna Lee
Jean Hale
Yvonne Craig













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