Netflix Friday!

What would Netflix Friday be without at least one Charlie Sheen comedy?  In the spirit of “DUH! WINNING!”, we offer up a 1994 Sheen comedy classic, The Chase.

It’s been a number of years since I watched this, to many to count, that is until yesterday!  No Oscar winning performances, just a classic high speed chase-style comedy.  It’s a thumbs up rating from me.

From the Netflix description:

Wrongfully accused of bank robbery, Jack Hammond (Charlie Sheen) is sentenced to life in prison. But instead of going to jail, he chooses to run from the law. To outpace the cops, he kidnaps an unsuspecting girl (Kristy Swanson) and takes her fast car. But it just so happens that she’s the daughter of one of the state’s richest residents (Ray Wise) — and her daddy will do everything he can to get her back.

The best part about this movie… er… uh… flick, is the supporting cast.  Kristy Swanson and Henry Rollins add to the fun.  I especially like Rollins’ send-up of COP show shtick, you will too.

Let us know how you liked it!

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