My Boy Is Coming of Age

Coming of Age. It’s exciting to see it happen in front of our eyes. We aren’t often ‘awake’ to see it unfold, though months and years later we can recall it as one of those ‘moments.

Sunday, instead of taking my son bowling (you’ll recall I mentioned he was working me for a trip to the bowling alley) I took him shopping for a desktop pc. We first went to Fry’s Electronics, then later over to Best Buy. Nothing in the desktop world really excited me since the prices were higher than I’d expected. HOWEVER, and this is a big one, Best Buy had a killer sale on a laptop computer. Chris gets bored with such shopping and scurried off to play video games in the store. While he was gone I purchased the laptop and gave it to him to carry while we walked out. At first he didn’t realize that it was his very first laptop, then I told him what I’d done. You never saw a kid’s eyes grow so huge!

When we got home I had to set up a wifi network at his mother’s home. All went smoothly, and I headed to his new laptop. He was all over it, wanting to help unbox it, asking questions about it. He was so excited to know we could play games on Yahoo Messenger and chat with each other and even webcam at some point.

Then he starts talking about how much home work he’ll get done on it. I could tell he was making every effort to ‘play to the audience’ with his more mature understanding of it’s usefulness.

From how he started, learning the dynamics of the laptop keyboard and the little finger pad pointer control, owning a laptop was right on schedule for him. Chris has a sister, Gina, but she is 9 years older and in college now. Both of my kids were essentially raised as ‘only children’ because of the age difference. Both love each other dearly but always wanted a sibling younger than them. Gina got her wish, Chris probably won’t at this point.

Buying kids gifts like this is the perk for being alone so much, there must be some benefit to an only child.

Still, he got excited like any kid would at receiving a symbol of maturity. In his eyes only more mature young men are given such responsibility. Coming of age… my son will never be the same again. His future is more in his control now, at least in his eyes, than before.

It’s nice for me to be ‘awake’ to this time in his life.

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(Originally published: October 17, 2006)


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