Lost Jobs, New Business’s and Beach Condos

lostjobsnewbusiness.jpgAnd so it’s solidly into November. At present I’m making ready a real estate listing business for launch this week. It’s a site that focus’s on the For Sale By Owner market.

This idea is not unique by any means, however, the market is huge and fsbo sites that service their clients will earn a place in that market, and a living. I already have a line on a group of investors that want to place their homes on the site. It could be a very nice start to the business. I’ve deliberately made the site ‘lo-tech’. I’ve done my research here and have concluded that the complicated sites to navigate never really sustain the site traffic needed to excite the For Sale By Owner crowd. A full MLS site benefits from the complexity, it’s needed frankly, but not so for this group of fsbo sellers and buyers.

On the job front, contract opportunities have come to me quickly and disappeared as quickly. Again, it’s the nature of this business. My last contract I was contacted, interviewed and secured the job all in the span of 24 hours. When you see me on the road side with a sign that says “Will code for food” or “Why lie, I’m just gonna buy more internet time!” then we should all worry.

My son has been online a lot since I bought him his laptop. We get on Yahoo Messenger and play games together. He enjoys pool, chess and a word spelling game the most. I’m amazed at his abilities to crush me in pool and the word game, it’ll be a few more years before he can best me at chess (thank God for that!).

My daughter, Gina, is on the edge of going for the brass ring and pursuing a medical education. She has her eye on being a full doctor, Lord knows she has the gray matter for it. I’ve also been successful at getting her to begin looking for real estate in the Phoenix area. If I can get her to understand some of the simple investment techniques now, and apply them correctly, she may be as successful at investing as at medicine some day. Besides, it will be a great way for her to build a nest egg without having to rely on anyone else.

I’ll give her fish along the way AND teach her to fish too.

I’m hoping it will be a good example for Chris too.

The sports car is still running great but I haven’t driven it too much in the lousy weather lately. Last I drove it was out to the Washington coast, to Ocean Shores, to look at a few investment condos. The weather cooperated and it was a very pleasant drive. Remember, cruise control is your friend! It certainly saved me on this trip since Washington’s finest state police were out enforce that day. How odd too, it was a Thursday and a nothing day to have such a presence. The car is safely in the garage.

Thanks for reading this far. Image


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