Live like a cartoon, die like a cartoon!

Live_like_a_cartoonSome days your imagination just doesn’t serve you well. My son discovered this confusing lesson while we bowled a few games at the local alley.

I took my son bowling on Sunday, he was so excited to go. Just the day before we’d been stopped at the bowling alley counter, no lanes were available even at 1 PM…. the reason you ask? Birthdays! Not leagues but birthdays! In an effort to keep ME on task (meaning taking him bowling) he even looked up the phone number of the bowling alley on the internet and proudly handed it to me saying, “I found the number Dad, just in case you wanna call them.”

We showed up at 11 AM on Sunday and were given lane 25 to bowl at. The computer that tracks score was off from the start, and after a few trips back to the counter we were moved to lane 26. If you are unaware, most computerized alley’s now keep track of the actual balls and frames it believe’s you’ve bowled. All of this worked to deminish Chris’s stamina.

The first game was pretty good for both of us, my son bowled a 91, and I a modest 135. By the second game my young Lane Jedi started to tire of the bowling experience he’d pine away for just 24 hours earlier. At the 5th frame I could tell his mind had started to wander to some distance land of make believe. By the 7th frame he was starting to prance around like Fred Flinstone on his tippy toes before tossing the ball down the hardwood lanes! Poor misguided boy, a once promising game turned into cartoon of flops and gutter shots. He didn’t score another point the entire game!

The only lesson I could leave with him….. Live life like a cartoon, die like a cartoon.

His third game was much better.

Thanks for reading this far.


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9 Responses

  1. Sunny Bee says:

    Fun! Guess what….Karen and I went bowling not too long ago….and IT WAS THE FIRST TIME SHE EVER WENT….hmmmm, I feel a blog coming on! LOL….glad you had a nice day, Tim!

  2. ugli says:

    I had to read your blog again I knew I would laugh again, Tim keep on blogging you are unique

  3. ugli says:

    omg you are funny I laughed throughout reading your blog

  4. unknown says:

    The mental picture of Chris tippy-toe-ing down the lane with a bowling ball made me smile. I LOVE the sound Fred's toes made on the Flintstones! Good times……

  5. Debra ^j^ says:

    I discovered bowling again…it's a blast! But I am not consistant with my throws…curve ball! I am told I twist my wrist and I am too competative! Oh, well, I have fun!

    I am glad you two are enjoying each other and creating more memories for when you miss each other. Gads, my kids have been living on their own forever it seems and I still miss those times in the park playing catch….Deb

  6. Tim H says:

    I'm that way about watching some types of movies too, better in thought than deed!

  7. **** says:

    You know I am the exact same as your son–I always love the IDEA of bowling much more than the reality of it. Seems much more fun in my mind.

  8. Monica says:

    Sounds like FUN FUN FUN!!! Kya had her birthday party at the bowling alley just last weekend. This weekend she went to a birthday party of one of her classmates….yes at the bowling alley!! They are young enough that they get to use the gutter guards without embarrassment, so a lot of fun for them and lots of STRIKES…LOL !!

    Sounds like you and Chris are having lots of fun togther… 🙂

  9. sdastroguy says:

    It sure sounds like you had a fun time. I'm glad the 3rd game went better than the second one. Otherwise that would have been a long time. I think he picked up a pretty good lesson though.

    And most importantly? He got to spend time with his dad doing something that he wanted to do. Cherish these times as they go by all too quickly.