Life Is Easier Now, Even If I Forgot The Date

lifeiseasiernow.jpgSo here I am late at night reflecting on the curious turn of events that happen to me on Friday. As is my custom prior to leaving for Seaside I go shopping at Costco. Since I didn’t have much in the house in the way of food I knew that buying food for the trip would be straight forward and simple. I’m not such a gourmet cook that I have to worry about bring precisely correct spices for things, or tough to make foods. I figured, for this trip at least, I’d buy most things in Seaside at the local Safeway. Fortunately, Seaside has a significant local population and the stores can’t afford to price gouge like so many small ocean side towns. On my way home I decided to finally call Seaside directly and confirm my reservations, again, it’s part of my ritual. I was shocked and frankly embarrassed to find I was off by one week. My vacation week starts NEXT Friday. I will still be local for Thanksgiving this year, just like last.

I take such things in stride knowing full well that things are just what they are. It was MY poor planning, not their’s. I came home, unpacked, and made a few phone calls to stop some things from happening that would have due to my being gone. Late afternoon came and I went to lie down for a bit. Thirty minutes later I receive a phone call from a Washington State agency in the criminal justice system. They had found my resume on the major technical consultant website a couple weeks earlier and were only now contacting me to interview next week for the work they needed. Thus, if I had gone off to Seaside I would be driving back Sunday night anyway. Now, I will likely have a new contract (working from home again, what’s to hate about that!) and be able to take my full vacation without the burden of cutting it short for a job interview, further I will be home for Thanksgiving with family.

This week has been a week making little progress on my new business. Although I did clarify some new features that now must be incorporated into the sight, all work I can do. The early excitement about having a large number of homes to list right out of the gate fell through, but I also decide to joint venture with a mortgage broker that can ply his service nationally too. So, in the end I’m actually more on track than I thought I was at the beginning of the week, despite the week’s slow start.

My daughter, Gina, has decided to return to studies that will lead to a degree in medicine. I’m proud of her, she is doing life much like I’ve both taught and modeled for her.

I teach my kids to ‘try careers on for size.’ Wear them for awhile and see how they fit on you. Talk the talk, walk the walk in as much as you can. Reserve the right to change for the better, and don’t fear failure.

Failure simple means you are taking risks and moving forward.

Life doesn’t feel as tough this past week. I’m also feeling much ‘lighter’ now about the events to unfold in the near future.

I have no problems.

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  1. Debra ^j^
    November 18, 2006 at 1:25 am

    good morning, Tim,

    What a funny guy you are!! Love the "wild man" look you got goin' there, Tim! LOL You make me grin….

    You're not the only person up this time of night (morning). Lookin' out towards the river, it is all fogged in, giving the illusion that there is no river, but I know it is out there, since I saw it yesterday morning. Life is like that. It is out there, but you cannot see it for the "fog." You get glimpse of it, but never the whole picture. And we so badly want to know the whole picture!

    Only God knows and He likes to keep secrets and be mysterious! If He wasn't, we would have no reason to grow in faith and learn to trust Him now would we.

    Trust is so difficult, especially when one has been burned so many times in life by people, jobs, circumstances beyond our control, even family sometimes do things that we have to forgive…why, because they are family and because it is only through forgiveness that we are truly set free to love and be loved.

    I am glad I am on a spiritual path where faith gets me through the rough times and I come out on the otherside having more trust in God. From your Blogs I have kept track of your recent journey through "the valley" and despite your Seaside dates being off (I remembered your time at Seaside was the end of November, 'cause you told me), and the twist and turns you have taken recently, all seems to be working towards your good as you rise towards the "mountain top" once more! Yes, trust is a tricky thing for sure…

    I sincerely hope all your dreams come true for you, my friend!

    as always,
    Deb smilin'

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