… just don’t feed the animals!

seaside_hottub1_artsyLast night I went down to the hot tub at the Seaside resort I stay at whenever I’m in town. This particular night I decided to get my quality hot tub time early since American Idol was going to be on for two hours. The hot tub was not very busy and in short order the few others soaking in it left, presumably for dinner. My normal time is to relax after 9 PM when it is an adults only time, this was a change for me, but since I like kids I wasn’t afraid to brave the water with them

For a brief time I was completely alone in the water, within about 5 minutes another group of families started to enter the pool area. Because the weather was so cold they made a beeline for the warmest place….my hot tub.

So here I am at the far end of the hot tub squarely planted in front of a jet on my back and one at my feet. In fact, it’s only at the end I was at that the duel jets are available. The first family, walks down the steps into the water and get settled near the steps. Next to appear are to teenage girls, I’m guessing about 15 to 16 years of age. The two are typical self conscience teen girls, always adjusting their bathing suits to look like they must have looked in the mirror in their rooms, and they settle about half way between the steps (where the young family is) and my end. Next, two more families appear without me even realizing since my eyes were closed and thoroughly enjoying my time in the jets and hot water.

I noticed about six kids all playing under the watchful eye of their parent, the kids were at about the mid point of the hot tub. Then as a few kids started to play closer to me, never really paying any attention at all as you’d expect, one father quickly reconsolidated his brood back to the halfway mark and further chastised them for going to my end of the hot tub. Looking around I couldn’t help but wonder why no one had taken up position at the primo jets still available near me. Another family arrives with two kids in tow and they too, remain in the ever so crowd end of the hot tub opposite me.

Then it strikes me, I’m the only adult single male in the hot tub and absolutely no one is getting near me. For the first time since going to this resort I actually became uncomfortable at my situation. I can only imagine the parents chiding their kids that it is ok to play “…just don’t feed the animals!”

I often get comments from people about how much fun I must be having, being a single guy at a resort. I always remind them my timeshare is at a FAMILY RESORT, it’s not exactly the place to be picking up ‘babes.’

I decided to return to the room since this situation was getting a bit ridiculous. As I was drying off a few opportunistic couples repositioned themselves at the jets I was at and the still unused jets that were beside me.

I think next time I am at the resort in May I’ll be sure to have a friend accompany me. “…just don’t feed the animals” has a bit of a different slant to me now.

I’m reminded of the fears that exist in our society. Adult males are often viewed as a danger by their mere presence where complete families gather too. I sure wish the Adults Only Pool time was longer than an hour, I gotta make a few phone calls.

Thanks for reading this far.


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8 Responses

  1. [deleted] says:

    Wow, what a different perspective. Thats a shame.

  2. Sunny Bee says:

    It is hard to read your blog this way, Tim……about the people….you should have stayed in, that is their problem! Cheers!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bev says:

    I'm sorry you were made to feel that way and I hope you were wrong by how it all came about. I'm curious though if the role had been reveresed and it had been you there with your children would you have done close to the same? The uncomfortable feeling when being around families and couples when you are there alone I know all to well myself. I do know that I will appreciate and value the non single life much more than I ever did before if I ever get the chance to experience such again (lol) My opinion and I hope its true, is that it was the "single life blues" that got you to think in such a way. I had always taught my son to feed the animals as they are Gods living creatures too but always with caution and care. As I'm sure you did too. I believe it was more a "do not disturb" sitution and not the other. I have never seen anyone who could ever resist feeding or touching any cute animal and Tim you are a cutie. If I had been there I would have fed you,all you could eat! Beverly

  4. Tim H says:

    Thanks for that one Rose… a gorilla?!!

  5. Rose J. says:

    But then again, maybe you did remind them of the dangerous gorilla in the zoo, and they were afraid you might bite the kids! LOL….

  6. Rose J. says:

    I don't know Tim, maybe the parents just didn't want their kids bothering you? I know when I take my rowdy kids somewhere, I am always fearful they might disturb people who are used to peace and quiet? So if it were me in that situation, I would be pulling my kids back to "give the man some peace," for goodness sake, all the while yelling at them creating a ruckus that is louder than what my kids are making..LOL.
    You were there first, so it wasn't as if you were intruding on their space, on the contrary, the parents may have felt self-conscience that they had kids and just didn't want to have them disturb your relaxing time.

  7. Tim H says:

    Being a family man myself, it was truly a bizzare feeling. I actually own a timeshare at this place in Seaside Oregon. I'm sure in time I'll have someone to be with while on holiday there. I guess next time I'll just record the American Idol two hour event and go to the hot tub after 9 PM.

  8. **** says:

    Oh–as a mom of 2 kids–I hear you on the fears out there that we instill in our kids these days! I am sorry you couldn't have enjoyed your time without feeling uncomfortable. I am thinking though that your only other choice in a resort is one that has all gray heads and I am sure you are so not wanting that kind either! haha!