Just 27 Days Until Forever Starts!

27days.jpgI’ve begun to reflect on the events of 2006 already, I don’t want to miss a single moment of introspection this year as the year is ending very quickly. I can point to many events that have occurred during this stormy year and describe the impact they’ve had on me and others, but the one that continually comes to the top is not even an event that happened to me per se. I was a witness to it and still feel it’s profound impact. I am referring to my brother’s marriage on May 26th, 2006.

After a long marriage, one in which he and his former wife chose to stay together until both of their children were out of high school, it ended without much fanfare in 2004, September as I recall. As happens for many in their freshman year of being single my brother was a bit adventurous. I won’t go into details, most of us have an idea of what it’s like already. After his first year he settled down to a reasonable dating routine but ended up frustrated with the results he was getting. He had joined Yahoo Personals and even paid the extra money for the fancier features you can get when you pony up the money. He was in the online scene with both feet!

Before I go further, one curious thing happened, he started to date a gal I dated 10 years ago after my first divorce (I HATE SAYING THAT!) Small world, eh?

Ok, back to my story… my brother decided to slow the process down quite a bit as he was starting to guard his heart from being broken. Again, a freshman mistake of making too many rash love decisions. Along came a profile with a picture of a gal that, frankly speaking, was anything to write home about. Her essay and personal information grabbed his attention and the appropriate contacts were made. They talked on the phone at length over the course of a few days and decided to meet in person. After the meeting my brother called to say he was very happy he moved forward with meeting, she was very attractive in person he bragged.

For the next two weeks they couldn’t let an evening pass without seeing each other or talking on the phone a few times. I think the cell phone companies are the real money behind personal ad sites! Damn them! Then one Friday he tells me he’s planning a special drive to the beach with her and that he will propose marriage to her while they watched the sun set in the west. Yes, of course she accepted and he couldn’t wait to tell me all the details of just how brilliantly romantic he’d been. (She has a more comical view of the events. HA!)

After he proposed, her comment to him was, “What took you so long? Yes, I’ll marry you!”

As I said earlier, they were married on May 26th, 2006 and I was a witness to their nuptials that day. I even gave them a weekend at my beach place in Seaside for their honeymoon.

All of this took place, from first meeting to getting hitched, in the span of just 27 days. That’s right, 27 days!

So, you may ask, why does this rank and one of the most significant moments of my already event crowded year? Because my brother broke out of his guarded comfort zone and decided to fly again, to soar on the wings of love. This year my brother has a bit of hero status with me. I am the risk taker in the family, more than the others, but he showed that love at first site is real and that dream matches do exist.

Just so you know, his wife is indeed a lovely woman, well educated and refined, with a very gentle disposition that suits our family character nicely. She is already a part of our family forever. I think, for them at least, my brother and his wife both went on their last first date.

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2 Responses

  1. Laurie says:

    Great piece you've written Tim! I really enjoyed reading it.

    Luv Ya!

  2. Debra ^j^ says:

    Wow! is this the same man that just Thursday evening wrote: "it really sucked to be me today"???

    Hi Tim,

    This is a beautiful account of your brother and wife's romance. Thank you for sharing it.

    I believe in love at first sight and dream matches, always have, always will. I have even fallen in love at a first meeting. Of course you need two people for such a romantic encounter to continue…but I have never given up, nor will I ever guard my heart despite the many times it has been broken. I choose to free fall off that cliff into love's arms over and over until one day the man ends up being "my knight" of courage and honor and fearlessly catches me as he rides by on his white stallion. And we live happily ever after…the beginning…

    Everything I desire for myself, I desire for you, Tim. Especially for you to find LOVE and your JOY again! It is in the writing of such things as this above, that I see the truth of who you are shine forth.

    as always,
    Deb smilin' at you