He Even Brought His Winter Gloves

hebroughthisgloves.jpg“Missed it by that much!”, Maxwell Smart.

By Sunday, January 7th, all the weather prognosticators spoke of snow coming our way. Sadly, my son had been put on a flight to Phoenix just one day before. Chris is a typical boy that doesn’t live around the snow, meaning of course that he gets more excited about the prospect of snow than he does waking up to presents on Christmas morning.

The beginning of the week remained quite warm, hovering in the mid 50’s on Tuesday, so I didn’t hold out much hope of snow actually showing up in Tacoma. By the time I got off work however, the temperature started to rapidly drop. In just two hours 55 degrees turned in to 37 degrees, enroute to a low of 30 degrees. Wednesday morning I woke up to the alarm clock, Fang hopped out of his warm bed and stretched while arching his back, touching his little chest to the floor. As I always do, it’s a ritual, I walked down the hall, turned up the heat as i passed by the thermostat, and continued on to let Fang out. I pulled back the vertical shades and saw a wonderful two inch covering of snow with still more coming down!

Fang, never one to embrace any weather below 70 degrees indignantly walked out on the deck, looking back as if to say “You try walking out in your bare feet in snow so deep your balls drag in it and see if you are enthusiastic!”

My thoughts turned to my son once again. He missed the snow by only a few days this time, so close and yet so far. I would have had to stay home with him had he been here, if only to assist in the building of a snowman in the front yard. Chris came prepared on this trip too, he wore his warm gloves each day he could and without any prompting from me. On the occasion of leaving a movie theater, I was surprised to see him pull the gloves out of his coat pocket. It was actually pretty warm that night too!

So, today had another mildly exciting moment too. The place I am currently contracting too is surrounded by forest. A narrow patch of ground separates the building (windows that rise two full stories) from the trees and underbrush. Late in the day, on this wonderful snow day, a large coyote comes loping slowly past the window I was at! I wasn’t able to capture a picture of him today but will certain be on the ready tomorrow.

At times like these I can relive a bit of my own childhood through my son’s eyes. Whether it be snow or coyotes, both would have been enough to talk about for days when I was his age. Perhaps next Thanksgiving or Christmas the timing will be right for him to pull back curtains to watch it snow during one of his visits or even spy a city smart coyote tramping by. Timing in life is everything, this year my son… “Missed it by that much!”

Thanks for reading this far.


2 comments for “He Even Brought His Winter Gloves

  1. Rose J.
    January 11, 2007 at 7:22 am

    I love to read when people who live in areas where snow is a rarity, get snow, and it is magical to them because it is so rare. We see it somewhat as an annoyance here. Oh, we want snow on Christmas day, but other than that, phooey. When it snows, the kids see is as a "snow day," aka NO SCHOOL, but if it's the right kind of snow, they can go sledding, and that's always a treat. Traffic can be dangerous before the plows go through, and many times it has taken me 2-3 hours to get home, instead of my usual 45 minutes with my commute from work. I do appreciate we experience all 4 seasons here. But by winter's end, I am ready to shed my heavy coat and I can't wait to experience the newness of spring. I am so sorry your son didn't get to see the snow! My twin's dad lives in Phoenix, so my boys go live there on alternate years of school and on summer breaks. It gives me a pang of sadness to see their winter coats hanging here when they are in Phoenix. Okay, I am rambling…and the purpose of this comment was???? lol.

  2. Debra ^j^
    January 11, 2007 at 1:08 am

    I want my yard covered in a snow blanket! We only had a "teasing" of snow here! Someone once told me that magical things can happen on snow days…have a magical day, Tim! Oh, and if that coyote passes by again, do not go outside to take his photo! thinkin' more snow, Deb

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