Happy Valentine’s Day


I write poetry in addition to my other writing passions.  Although I wrote this about 4.5 months prior to meeting my wife, it only touches the surface of my love for her.  Love at any age is grand, don’t you think? Happy Valentine’s Day!

Can You Not Hear

By Tim Hief, January 2, 2007

Can you not hear, ’tis but a faint sound?
If you busy yourself with folly, it will pass unnoticed.

If vain love be your companion, surely you will flee
And set free your motives to romance.

She will hear the sound. She will know her part.
Able to sing without thought of consequence,
She will tease me with her own melody.

As pleasing as it is, if not for me, the melody
I am withered and without reprieve.

Take thought of my heart, it hears without further urging.
Baring the hope, even the fate of my muse.

Can you not hear, ’tis the sound, yea the song,
of my heart coming alive.

Now be still. The song has yet to chance an ending.


Thanks for reading this far.  I love you Annie.  XOXO


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