Growing a blog in a Facebook world

Let’s face it, we’re slowly being absorbed by Facebook and all it has to offer. It’s easy to be angry at the Facebook machine but to what avail, in the end it’s just wasted energy.  Perhaps then the better strategy is to understand it and leverage it!


Altered Focus has been running for nearly three full years and our growth has been… well… modest at best. By modest I should explain that in our best month we had some 2000 visitors.  In my wildest imagination I had believed we could be clipping along at 15k hits or more by now, we live on a planet of some 7+ billion folks now so it’s now such a stretch.  The blog posts that appear at Altered Focus range from very personal accounts of events in our lives to regular features like “American Idol Journal” (in it’s second year!) and “Netflix Friday”


Without much budget to work with we embraced the gorilla marketing method of winning regular visitors.


Our first effort was to work our Facebook Friendslists and leverage all the goodwill in our own Facebooksphere.  The hope was that our friends would be excited to comment and share the articles from Altered Focus with their Friendslist.  That strategy at the very least provided us with over 25 “Likes” on Facebook so that our Facebook page could get the “friendly” name in the URL.  Our next attempt at growing the blog site was to create a slogan and a banner to advertise the idea, that was “Read Rate Share”.  I think it was catchy but I didn’t see much in the way of results.


I don’t consider any of those ideas to be failures, they were merely low performing campaigns.  Perhaps the banner for Read Rate Share was boring, uneventful even.  It’s effect was not measurable in anycase.  Hence, the NEW, IMPROVED banner ad campaign… “Like and Share”.   The banner ad is larger and catches the eye and I am hoping this will keep the idea of Liking and Sharing blogs that appear on Altered Focus in the mind of our reads.


Of course Facebook is not the only game in town where leveraging social media is concerned, Google+ is coming on strong and lets not forget LinkedIn.  Google is pumping money into their social media offering and making of a viable alternative to Facebook, Google doesn’t always get it right the first time out of the gate but they keep after an idea when they believe in it and will eventually start to take some market share from Facebook.  LinkedIn too, is thought of as a social media/networking site.  It’s domain is that of business but what many don’t realize is that LinkedIn makes it easy to display your activity on other sites in the form of a sidebar feed.  Any blog posts I make will appear on my LinkedIn sidebar and thus advertise it to the business world.


Lest I offend anyone I should mention that Twitter is a formidable foe too, they’ve learned to survive in a Facebook world.  Twitter cannot be taken light for a number of reason, but foremost being their technique for rapid deployment of new information.  Altered Focus hasn’t made effective use of Twitter yet, but that too is in the plans.


In the end Altered Focus is about presenting ideas that are not from the typical view.  We don’t actually think we are fully main stream in how we view the world, but that’s the point isn’t it, the altered focus is often necessary to see what lays beyond.  If you like what you’ve read here….  LIKE and SHARE please.


Thanks for reading this far.