Good Morning, Dogs.

I used to write a lot of music and songs, from small orchestral compositions to “If I were a rock/coffee house star” fantasies. I still dabble here and there, and write songs and music for guitar and piano that is both serious and silly. Here’s one I wrote for our dogs, and for our grandkids, to enjoy. It’s sung to a jaunty little tune and finger pickin’. Wish I could play the fiddle for the instrumental interlude, although if I can teach it to the grandkids I think I’ll give them kazoos and let ’em rip.

Good Morning, Dogs.

Good morning, Mr. Dog and Mrs. Dog.
Good morning – wag your tail,
Every morning, without fail,
It’s time for you to go outside and play.
And start on all your doggie chores today.

Good morning, Mr. Dog and Mrs. Dog.
I’m quite relieved to see,
That you didn’t poop or pee
In the mudroom where we keep you happily,
From the outside when its raining, From neighbor who’s complaining,
That he can’t sleep tight,
‘Cause you’re barking through the night,
At the critters and the varmints that he feeds.

Now good day, Mr. Dog and Mrs. Dog.
No, you can’t come back inside,
‘Till you’ve run around and tried,
To get your business done and all that is implied.
‘Till you’ve sniffed and marked,
And yipped and barked,
And carried rocks,
And played with socks,
And keep doin’ all you doggie chores today.

Good evening, Mr. Dog and Mrs. Dog.
I’m very glad to see,
That you’re comin’ willingly,
So I don’t have to chase you ‘round the yard.
Come on in, lay down,
On the bed you chew and drag around,
And here’s a toy in case you want to play:
You’ve finished all your doggie chores today.

Now, goodnight Mr. Dog and Mrs. Dog.

Here’s the song (MP3): GoodMorningDogs