Dream coaches and origami

Dream_coaches_and_origamiI am solidly into my road trip now. I arrived in Phoenix on Monday after a very fast drive from Santa Clarita, California. I was simply amazed by the trip east on I-10. I set the cruise control at 90 mph (did I mention I have a wonderfully FAST sports car now?) and cars were still driving up my tailpipe. They were driving faster than when I was on I-5 between Stockton and the Grapevine.

Met up with my Dream Coach in Marin County in the bay area. We tried to see some of the lights of the city by driving through winding small streets in Sausalito… wasted effort I’m afraid to say. I’d be blogging from a hospital had i paid attention to the city across the bay instead of the road. BTW… never use my coach as a navigator, last moment ‘oops! turn here’ is dangerous in small towns with fast drivers. Image

I spent two night in Santa Clarita with my cousin. I really like her family. All very nice. It’s been years since I saw their youngest, Katie. She came up to say hi to me at church and I didn’t recognize her. She had spent the night at a friends home on the evening I arrived so I didn’t have the advantage of seeing how much she’d grown and changed. Ouch. In her best 14 year old attitude she duley ignored me the remainder of my stay. Aaron, the oldest of the kids is doing great. He graduated from UCLA this past year and has a teaching certificate now. He has a wonderful fiance too, Missy, also highly educated. We watched a video that only a couple of debate team guy could laugh so much at. The video, entitled ‘That You For Smoking’ is about a lobbyist for the tabaco companies. Remember, it’s a comedy and very politically incorrect. You must watch it twice. I roared the second time more than the first. Too much satire to get the first time around.

I made it to Phoenix and had dinner on Monday evening with my daughter. She insisted on a drive in the new car. Sadly, she doesn’t drive a manual transmission so she couldn’t drive the car…. oh darn! Image She asked if I’d like to meet her boyfriend while I was visiting. Hmm, you can imagine my answer. I’m not sure if she’ll actually make the arrangements however. Oh, the picture at the top is of her folding paper, she muttered something about origami. In the end she folded a heart! I love her.

Hey, i got the internet connectivity going and was able to work effectively on Tuesday. Poor Chris, I picked him up in the morning, we stopped for food on the way back to my friends home and he was summarily bored to death while I hacked away at code (I’m a computer programmer ya know) until I had to take him to soccer practice. So, this is what being a Dad is all about?

People are always giving me the business about not being a ‘real dad’. It’s annoying and ignorant of them, but I am ok with making sport of me now since it usually ends the comments quicker.

On the way home we stopped at his mother’s and picked up some ‘bordem insurance’. That’s code of his favorite videos and other things. So now it’s the morning after and I’m typing this blog, will start working and figure out breakfast along the way.

How was your weekend, hmmm?

Thanks for reading this far.


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1 Response

  1. Debra ^j^ says:

    Hey Tim!

    I have never really mastered a manual transmission either! Would be kewl to learn on a sexy fast sports car <wink> <wink>!

    Sounds like you went a long ways in a few days, Tim! Must be the heavy foot and the Crossfire that Zoom Zooms! Remember, you promised to drive carefully!

    I hope you do meet Gina's boyfriend. Perhaps you can have a heart to heart and find out his intentions concerning your daughter. Boyfriends look forward to such talks with dads! LOL

    I have a recommendation for a movie for you and Chris, The Guardian. It is very good about the Coast Guard rescue team. I think you guys would enjoy it! I did.

    Hey Chris! Stop being bored! Why not be productive while your dad works…create a comic book with your cool drawings perhaps. I still have the drawing of "ino" you did for me on my refrigerator! You are a very good artist, Chris, so you need to keep working at it to get better!

    Enjoy yourselves!
    Deb smilin'