Christmas Trees and Other Short Circuits

christmastrees.jpgToday is the day that Roosevelt said would “live in infamy”, for me today is the day I took my first Christmas picture of the season. I have a very modest tree, given to me a year ago by my mother. Mom could be famous for the small trees she gives as gifts to nearly anyone who is alone. After my first divorce (I HATE SAYING THAT!!!) she gave me a small artificial tree which I could fully overpower with a single string of lights. About five years into my second marriage I recall tossing that tree out. Image I miss that tree. The current version of my tannenbaum is quite demure, still I’ve placed it prominently on my coffee table. Merry Christmas!

On another subject, the really cool new car stereo I put in my ‘other’ car has been acting a bit strange lately. I had it installed in my 1996 Eagle Vision TSI and a day later purchased my sports car. I was planning on taking the Eagle, equipped with new stereo, and use it on the road trip to Phoenix but it was left behind for the newer, sexier Crossfire. I only mention this because I was gone long enough for the very limited warranty to run out on the installation. On occasion the stereo, in mid-song, will just drop out; it’s annoying but i find if I leave it alone it will mysteriously power up and pick up where it left off.

So today, I get in my car and drive off with the stereo working just fine only to discover my rear passenger turn signal is not working. I hasten to the auto parts store and purchase a new bulb, but after installation there was not change.

Eventually the young snot nosed kid from the store comes out with his flashlight and proceeds to do a full gainer under my dash to investigate the problem.

At that time our thinking was a bad blinker relay. After a bit of cussing, the kids yells ‘uh oh!’, I turn to find a generous portion of my cars wiring had dropped down onto his head. But miraculously the stereo starts to work AND the turn signal is just flashing away like a dirty old man in a trench coat. I say wonderful, it works….now can you put my car back together please! Moments later you couldn’t tell anything was wrong.

I turned the car off, went back into the store to purchase another car headlight for the sports car (yep, two car lighting issues at one time), came out and drive off. THEN I NOTICED THE STEREO WASN’T WORKING AGAIN AND THE TURN SIGNAL HAD GONE LIMP!!!

It really sucked to be me today. Image

Still I’m reminded of the tough times people are having all around me and determine my challenges will pass soon enough.

Until next time, thanks for reading this far. Image


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2 Responses

  1. Knightstorm says:

    Hmmm sounds like you have a short in your wirirng somewhere in the harness…

  2. Debra ^j^ says:

    "Still I'm reminded of the tough times people are having all around me and determine my challenges will pass soon enough."

    Dearest Tim,

    Christmas is my VERY Favorite holiday and next to Summer, the time of year that LIFTS my Spirits the most (despite the cold…BRrrrr!). I have Enjoyed, some more than others, 23 Christmas Holidays, counting this one, without a significant other in my life, by my side, to share this wonderous holy time of year of giving and love. Granted, I had my children the first several Christmas, yet, I still endured missing them when they spent Christmas day with their dad and his family ever other year. And just because I have gone through this many years of not just Christmas, but all the other holidays one generally wants to share with that special someone (New Year's Eve is the worse for me), doesn't mean I have ever gotten use to being alone. I have learned to enjoy myself, count my many blessings, and enjoy whomever happens to be in my life at the time.

    This year I have chosen to participate in as many events as possible from voluntering at a homeless shelter, to HUGS where we wrapped 105 gifts of hats, underwear, gloves and socks (thus, HUGS) for grade school age needy children, to Christmas concerts, to listening to Christmas music on the stereo as I drive and at work, to buying gifts for everyone I love and care about (YEAH! I am done shopping!), and now spend the rest of the Holiday time before Christmas putting those gifts together slowly and lovingly for them.

    This is Christmas for me….GIVING, CARING, LOVING, AND SHARING WITH OTHERS. It gets my mind off ME and on THEM, which is the way God desires us to be in the world…reaching out and helping others.

    It is not about ME….it's about CHRIST-MAS!

    as always,
    Deb smilin'