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American Idol Journal – Week 10 HOLLIE CAVANAGH IS GONE!

At some point my prediction of Hollie‘s departure was bound to be correct, I honestly thought it was bound to be correct many weeks ago however!  I think of Colton Dixon and Elise Testone at a time like this and…


American Idol Journal – Week 6

AKON is the guest mentor, he seemed to offer only good things about each contestant, I’m suspect when a mentor won’t speak of the challenges their mentorees have.  Tommy Hilfiger was featured in the beginning of the show emphasising the…


American Idol Journal – WEEK 5 PIA TOSCANO IS GONE!

CAN WE VOTE THE JUDGES OFF? Once again I’m saddened by the judges comments. If you were Stefano Langone you have to be feeling like the judges are truly NOT in your corner. My advice to him from now on… ignore what they say and go with what has worked for you.


American Idol Journal – Week 2…Shannon Magrane is GONE!

So, first called to center stage, Phillip Phillips, Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone. If a contestant doesn’t make a connection with the fans early in the show their prospects are very limited on American Idol. Based on last nights performances, all four of these singers should have been sent to the next round without much fan fare. As it turns out Elise will spent another week in the bottom, this time it’s the fabled bottom three.


American Idol Journal – Week 8 (Top 6)

This night turned up some unexpected things. First, two wardrobe FAILS… ‘Niffer comes out looking like a latino Pebbles Flintstone, second, Jacob Lusk looking like the old Windows HOT DOG STAND theme.


American Idol Journal – WEEK 6 PAUL MCDONALD IS GONE!

In a bit of a surprise Paul McDonald fell from grace in one week.  Oddly, his performances were getting stronger in my view and I certainly thought he was better this week than Stefano Langone.   America’s voting is sure…


American Idol Journal – Week 12 (Top 2)

The week all American Idol fans wait for… WEEK 12!  Both contestants have had a long run, but not without some controversy.  Jessica was voted off by the fans at one point.  I will still say, even in retrospect, her…


American Idol Journal – Week 4 (Top 11… again)

Change the songs and the clothes and this is something of a Week 3 Redux. Solid performances by eight of the contestants, the remaining three were a bit of a disappointment.

Haley Reinhart

Once again I am struck by the few singers that performed well enough but were forgotten, at least until the recap…