Author: Tim Hief

American Idol Journal – Week 4 (Top 11… again)

Change the songs and the clothes and this is something of a Week 3 Redux. Solid performances by eight of the contestants, the remaining three were a bit of a disappointment.

Haley Reinhart

Once again I am struck by the few singers that performed well enough but were forgotten, at least until the recap…


American Idol Journal – Week 10 (Top 4)

One reality of this season is about to happen, that being my prediction of two girls and two boys would making it to the final four.  Further I nailed which four it would be.  Let’s see if I can get…


Cowboys, Silly String and Helium

Many of my ideas about friendship come from watching westerns. It only took a few episodes of watching Roy Rogers and I understood why every kid should have a horse to call his most faithful friend and confidant. I dreamed of endless nights in the Wild West, sitting by a warm campfire with nothing but freshly cooked beans and a horse for company.


The Census – What Sense to Us does it make?

I’m not so sure the 2010 Census folks will be happy with me when I turn them away with only the “body count” details of those in my home. I think that is protected and authorized in our constitution. The thought that being compelled to disclose more is frightening.


American Idol Journal – Week 12 THE FINALS!

Unlike in most of the past 9 seasons, both contestants had very well written song to perform, rare kudos to the producers for those songs. I thought Lauren ended on a better performance than Scotty.


American Idol Journal – WEEK 7 STEFANO IS LAN-GONE!

Stefano Langone says goodbye this evening, bitter sweet I say. Stefano has a quality voice but failed to perform at a high level each week. I had forgotten that he was a wild card save for the Top 12 (turned out to be the Top 13, remember Naima, she was in that final “tough call” for the judges) many weeks ago. It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that he lasted to the Top 7, good on him.


American Idol Journal – WEEK 3 CASEY ABRAMS IS… safe?

On balance, no one has won this competition with the vocal styling coming from Casey and he won’t either; he’ll have to return to style that actually captured the imagination of the judges during Hollywood Week in order to make a serious run.


Tell Me A Story

As a very young boy I can recall the times my Grandpa Oscar would visit us in Maryland, from his home in Jasper, Indiana. I reveled in his visits… Grandma Nelda, on the other hand, was feared more than embraced.