Anniversaries, milestones and Frito's

fritos_smWho knew? Frito Lay is celebrating it’s 75th year of making Frito’s Corn Chips by making a specially marked bag. The bag is labeled in the upper left hand corner “Limited Anniversary Edition.” Did you know our grandparents probably enjoyed them as kids too? Many of us have kids and grand kids that still prefer them to other snacks.

Anniversaries are a wonderful thing, don’t you think? They arrive precisely on time and will always remind of us of the decisions we made that helped notch another year. No all anniversaries remind us of good things, though we prefer not to think of them in such a light.

Each year I remember, as an anniversary, many events that have happened in my life, so many you’d think I was obsessed. I remember the big things of course, like the day my father died when I was nine, then three days later when he was buried. For years I recalled this time with sadness until I learned to ‘reframe’ the anniversary through positive eyes. Reframing is a wonderful thing too, but that’s for another blog. My real father was an alcoholic and reached a point where he could no longer support our family. In fact everything in life had been stripped away from him because of the drinking. He finally lost his battle and died just days before his 39th birthday. How on earth does one find the positive in this? After his death my mother was able to receive enough social security for the four of her children that she was always able to provide for us. So in his passing, my father actually made it possible to have resources to live.

I remember when I became a Believer. It was October 3rd, 1971 and it utterly changed my life. Because of my faith I avoided so many pitfalls other kids easily fell prey too. I had an anchor through those years that has stayed with me. Without fail I remember that day and make of point of mentioning it to my kids each year just to highlight its impact on my life.

Some anniversaries become milestones. A milestone is more significant then a mere anniversary because it suggests reaching a point that required perseverance to arrive at. Wedding anniversaries, employment anniversaries and the like all hold significance in our culture and we often commemorate them with engraved gifts.

In the Bible, Genesis has recorded in it some milestones which were commemorated by the building of an altar. In each case the altar was used one time, but always remained as a reminder of some significant work God had done in their lives. Any time doubts crept in about the steadfastness of God’s handiwork in their lives, they could pass by these monuments to revisit the importance of the event being celebrated.

This month holds an anniversary for me, it was during this week just one year ago I was contacted by a gal in Santa Cruz and asked to join her Yahoo 360. Joining meant I had to create my own of course. I didn’t really use my 360 until August of 2006 when I began to blog for the first time but this week holds some significance for me. My first three friends were Suzie (she invited me), Monica, and Connie, others followed and many have become close friends.

The last half of April is a good time for me, I enjoyed a bag or two of Limited Anniversary Edition Frito’s last week, watched my car turn over the 200,000 mile mark, remembered I purchased my timeshare at the beach just two years ago, and realized I was completing one full year of 360 life. Some day perhaps this week will be more than a mere anniversary, for now however, it is satisfying to know it’s now on my annual radar. All it took for me to recall it was a bag of Fritos.

What anniversaries or milestones do you remember without fail?

Thanks for reading this far. Don’t forget to brush your teeth after the Frito’s!


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8 Responses

  1. Evi says:

    To my new blogging brother – Happy Blogging Birthday!!! And all other anniversaries too!!!

  2. Stace says:

    What a great read Tim, I have a few anniversaries that I like to remember…my wedding anniversary is always the very first day of the year ;D so it's nice and easy! My kids birthdays and my brother's death…and I'm breaking records right now with my job, in June I'll have worked there for 4 years and this month I've lived in the same place for 3 years. Pretty amazing!! ;D

  3. Sandy B says:

    I've never been one to remember anniversaries. Besides the truly enormous ones – births and deaths – I forget them all. Makes me a bit sad, too, there are milestones I really should remember. We female-type creatures are supposed to excel at that.
    Never liked Fritos though. The more you eat, the hungrier one becomes. All salt and crunch, no substance. Asian food's an another matter entirely!

  4. Monica says:

    Hmmmm… One particular Anniversary that I remember without fail is October 22, My first husband passed away when I was just 19 on that date…8 years later my grandfather passed away on the very same date. That day never goes unnoticed to me.

    Of course I have happy anniversaries such as my children's births and my precious granddaughter!! Interesting though, unlike Ann, my wedding anniversary to a man I was married to for 15 years goes by without notice…until a few days later…lol The day I had official possession of a house that I bought after my divorce…February 1, 1997…my very first home all to myself and my kids!!!

    I hope to have many more happy anniversaries in the future…time will tell I guess!!

  5. unknown says:

    Anniversaries are mixed for me, as they are for many, I suppose. My old wedding anniversary of August 11th is one I would like to forget, but since I saw 20 of those, it's still a tough one. Then there's the Oct. 30th anniversary of finding out about my ex's affairs and the consequent end of my marriage. December 29th, August 6th, and September 9th are all great dates as they are my kids' birthdates….happy times! July 1st, date my divorce was final: not a great memory. Hmmmm……I guess I should look at them all and be thankful that I'm still living in my time of grace. God's blessed me incredibly and He obviously still has a purpose in mind for me or He would have taken me home by now. So….it's cool. I'm good with it. And, I suspect there will be some really amazing anniversaries in the future, yet to be celebrated.

  6. Donna says:

    Fritos! Do you suppose there will be people that leave their special edition bag unopened so it will be worth something someday? No, that would never happen in my house. And now I'm hungry for Fritos…gee thanks a lot! 🙂
    The anniversaries I remember seem to coincide with other thing and make them easy to remember. I remember meeting my first boyfriend, Todd, June 29 1973 because it was the day after I turned 13. He was 12, so we kept it quiet shhh
    I remember my first date with my husband, Aug. 26 1978, necause my nephew (yes, the evil sister's kid) was born on Aug 24 and I wanted to be home early because I was going with my folks to see the new baby the next day.
    I remember the day my mom died, Oct. 26, 1985 and when the movie "Back to the Future" came out, the date lit up on the dashboard of the Delorean was 10-26-1985.
    I remember a lot of dates, birthdays, phone numbers I have not called in 20 years, Interestingly, I was never good at History.

  7. Sunny Bee says:

    Wow….time sure flies when your having fritos! LOL….I think that is a good excuse for me to eat some, too….hehehehe!

  8. **** says:

    Happy Blogiversary Tim! (I began in July 2006–but didn't write until August–so we began writing at the same time!) I loved reading this. Anniversaries or milestones are so very important. The one I think of always is the anniversary of my dad's death when I was just 19–and that was the subject of my very first blog in 360. I have "reframed" the memory, as you say. The others that mean so much to me, my wedding anniversary, and my children's birthdays. Those, and the ongoing milestones of my children are the most treasured.