An Ocean For Your Thoughts

oceanforyourthoughts.jpgMy time at Seaside is nearly over at this point, I have but two nights left before I MUST leave. In a curious replay of events from my roadtrip to Phoenix in October (you’ll have to read some of the early blogs, it was a fascinating time), my time at the ocean is marked by being absent from home during times of sudden temperature drops.

In October I arrived in Phoenix only to discover the wonderful Indian summer Western Washington temperatures at dropped an amazing 20 degrees in the two days it took for me to drive the 1500 miles from Tacoma to Phoenix. The warm days never really returned as the fall season progressed. This trip the temperatures dropped a similar 20 degrees and left my home town in an icy prison for the entire week. I wonder what will happened next time I leave town!

I’ve enjoyed my week here perhaps better than at any other time in the past year. I made it a point to do the hot tub thing each night, watch a few videos, play on the internet, work some and play my guitar. I have slept in most mornings too, that has been the most refreshing part of this trip. I’m sure the restful slumber has everything to do with the hot tub, perhaps one of those is in my near future.

I didn’t walk the beach as much as in the past, it was unusually windy and it even snowed a few times over the course of a few days. Beach walks are a big part of the Seaside experience. In one direction heading south you see Tillimook Head, it’s the point that separates the Seaside area from the Cannon Beach area (generally speaking). Walking north, and depending on the tide you must end your trek where the river and ocean meet. If you have never walked the Promenade at Seaside then you are missing one of the more memorable walks. Along it’s path is the well know Seaside Aquarium, the rows of hotels, and finally the many nicely kept beachfront homes. It’s well lit at night and can be a very romantic experience too.

I feel like a tour guide at the moment.

In the end, I’m reaffirmed in my decision to acquire a timeshare here. Seaside is something of the second home for me since I spend fours weeks a year here and that is longer than I spend anywhere else except for Tacoma. In time this will be completely paid for, something like another 5.5 years, and I will have lived out at least one American dream, having a place to go on the ocean.

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