American Idol Journal – WEEK12 SCOTTY MCCREERY WINS!

American Idol Season 10 Winner - Scotty McCreery

and the winner is… Scotty McCreery! Congratulations to Scotty for a wonderful run.  He’s ready for the stage now, I hope someone has been preparing a list of songs to strike while the iron is hot!  Traditionally the Idol winner is slow to release their first CD, perhaps it will be easier to ‘fit’ Scotty with hit-ready music.

This years finale was an amazing show!  For the most part I enjoyed it with a couple of exceptions.  Anyone following American Idol Journal will not be surprised at my exceptions either, the sad emphasis on the sensual and in some cases borderline vulgar performances by Beyonce and Lady Gaga. The show didn’t need any of that to be successful.  This isn’t the first time the finale had the same controversy either, although I don’t recall which season it was.

The show seems to have lost it’s way a bit, I don’t think they realize most of the faithful fans of American Idol watch it because it has been one of the few show that was family oriented.

Three high points for me, other than the winner being announced of course, first, Haley and Tony Bennett were made to sing together.  Second, seeing Tom Jones come out and sing, he’s lost weight and seems to have regained his overall health.  Finally, Bono and U2, always fun times for me.

Honorable mention too, the way the producers let James, Casey and Pia poke fun at the ‘Most Shocking’ elimination controversies. It certainly lightened my mood on the subject to see them laugh at themselves.

The overall tone of the night was very good. I also believe that Scotty McCreery winning the competition will restore some respect to the title of American Idol Winner.

Another apparent win is between Scotty and Lauren, they are out of the proverbial closet about the fondness they have for each other.  Kisses were abundant after the announcement.  This can’t exactly hurt either one’s career, so, congratulations are in order on that front too.

That’s it for the season, perhaps I’ll write one more post to recall the season, in any case thanks for reading and contributing to the fun.

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2 comments for “American Idol Journal – WEEK12 SCOTTY MCCREERY WINS!

  1. May 27, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    I’m very disappointed in the direction the show has gone since Simon’s departure. This year even Ryan had an MC announce him, so he’s become an attraction for people to come and watch the show instead of truly handling the full MC honors.

    I was the MC/host for five years at Dightman’s Thursday Night Open Mic, I can tell you that the best work an MC does is to move a show along without getting in the way of it. Ryan is less effective than he used to be.

    I’m hoping X-Factor will bring the family feel back to a show of this type. Perhaps I’ll write an X-Factor Journal too.

  2. Dean Neel
    May 27, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    Stephen Tyler and Lady Gaga are enough to keep me away next season! Talk about borderline obscene and sensual! Stephen also swore in his judging comments on at least one show. After his music video, my wife refused to listen to his judging comments again. She’d just mute when it came to him. The “family-friendly” quality has gone, I fear! Too bad.

    In previous years, I’ve called AI the “retread store” because of all the old, has-been musicians they would have come coach the kids, and then their music would be featured on the show…such as Barry Manilow and Burt Bacharach. Don’t get me wrong – these guys were dynamite in their day, and they have produced some great and enduring hits, but it seemed whoever came on had a new (geriatric) CD or DVD coming out. Just seemed so commercial, and like a cheep exchange – we’ll pump your product if you come coach and be on the show.

    Oh well – at least a nice guy finished first for a change! Hope he’ll do a “Carrie Underwood” on the country music world!


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