American Idol Journal – Week 9 SKYLAR LAINE IS GONE!

Skylar Laine

The stakes are particularly high this week since everyone in the competition has skills and one dark horse, Hollie Cavanagh, is making a move at the right time. Tonight we have the Bottom Two!  It’s all about fan support and it’s now that the votes from the eliminated contestants will make their biggest impact.  Remember the late surge for Kris Allen… and he won!

Tonight’s special guests are Coldplay and Carrie Underwood.

Ryan called Joshua Ledet to the stage first.  Without much drama Ryan announced he was safe, leaving four on the hot seat, sweating it out.

Coldplay took to the stage to sing their new song, Paradise.  Tonight’s effort was ok musically speaking but the lead vocalist went sharp when he sang the refrain.  Ouch.

Next up, Hollie Cavanagh and Phillip PhillipsHollie went to the cheap seats and Phillip was safe again.

Carrie Underwood sings from her new CD, it’s title song Blown Away.  I’m a huge Carrie Underwood fan but this was just bad.  I’m sure she couldn’t hear herself because she has a great voice.  On a related note I wasn’t impressed with the song either.

Skylar Laine and Jessica Sanchez are the final contestants to hear their fate. Jimmy thought Skylar was pretty good for both her songs last night but he totally roasted JChez on her first song.  If you read my comments you’ll see that Jimmy was largely channeling my thoughts from last night.

Then when the judges were asked about Jessica and her first song they tossed her under the bus.  They all agreed she was too provocative last night with taking on Proud Mary in the way that Tina Turner essentially performed it. It was too sexed up and more adult then it should have been.  WHERE WERE THESE COMMENTS LAST NIGHT WHEN IT COUNTED?  If you’re a fan of the American Idol franchise you should be outraged that the judges are being this disingenuous.

This was a tough call, one that only the fans could make…they sent Skylar to join Hollie and Jessica is safe once again.

Coldplay came out a second time and did a much more up tempo song and did it very well.

The finale came quickly came quickly, Ryan didn’t delay the results…Skylar Laine is gone!  I think the judges were stunned because they’ve propped her performances up through her time on the show.

More drama next week, it’s down to two girls and two boys now.  This is not what the judges wanted either because the two strongest in the competition are both boys.  Bummer dudes.

Thanks for reading this far.