American Idol Journal – WEEK 9 JACOB LUSK IS GONE!

No more ladder for Jacob

No more ladder for Jacob to climb, America found a better use for their votes.

When I saw Jacob and Lauren in the bottom two, I knew we’d have some measure of justice at lastJacob is right about one thing he said in his closing comments, he’ll have a chance to make music.  He’ll benefit from the refining fires of a recording studio.

I thought Ryan was going to spill his guts early when Lauren Alaina started her ‘it’s all about me’ melt down. At least the effort can be viewed as what to expect next week.

Sorry to see the opening song by the contestants turn out so bad, it goes to show they don’t mesh as much as we’re led to believe.  I’m experienced in singing with folks you don’t get on with, it’s a tough sell even with the best professionals. Makes one wonder if they really are ‘Happy Together’? (One of my all time faves by the way)

I enjoyed ‘Niffers song tonight, she is an exciting performer even if a biased  judge.  The other ‘Lady’  and duet boy were pretty much wedding singer, average and boring even.

So, if you’re tracking my predictions then you know I was correct that the final four is two boys, two girls.  I also got the mix correct.  Next week should be no surprise, Lauren Alaina will finally depart leaving truly the best of the season as the last three standing.

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