American Idol Journal – Week 8 (Top 6)

'Niffer looked a bit like Pebbles Flintstone

Let the games begin!  If ever the phrase had meaning, “…the rubber meets the road!”, it is perhaps now.  Editorial opinions aside, the final six contestants in season 10 of American Idol  have been tried by fire, presumably refined too, and are the best this year has to offer.

This night turned up some unexpected things.  First, two wardrobe FAILS‘Niffer comes out looking like a latino Pebbles Flintstone, second, Jacob Lusk looking like the old Windows HOT DOG STAND theme.

It didn’t help poor Jacob Lusk’s cause to be dressed like a Hot Dog Stand Windows theme but then to give a forgettable performance of a much lesser known Carole King song is like asking to be cast off the show tomorrow night.  He’s a bottom three’er, bank on it.

It must have been something in the air, Lauren Alaina chose a lesser known song too and her performance was a bit on the boring side.  How she gets votes at this point is a bit amazing to me but I’m thinking she’s going to join Jacob Lusk on one of the three hot seats.

The only genuine American Idol ‘moment’  in Season 10 finally occurred when Scotty McCreery sang the King hit, ‘You’ve Got A Friend’.  This version would be/will be an instant hit. To see folks in the audience moved to tears and not see this performance for what it is probably suggests you were distracted when he sang.  This was an amazing performance.

If pressed, I would conclude that Scotty McCreery will be the last singer standing this season.

Directly on the heels of McCreery, James Durbin would have won the night with his version of ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’. His voice was clear and his upbeat tempo change was very 60’s but with a hint of his metal vocal style.

Casey Abrams started out with a very inventive, bluesy version of the hit by King and Blood Sweat and Tears.  I thought it was a solid outing all around.  How knew that Casey can play the ivories?

Finally, Haley Reinhart was her usual consistent self.  I remember some lip service given to making her song a bit like a Beatles tune… the middle of her song did, in fact, carry those ovetones.

The obvious thing for me is how the judges (…you know how they really bug me, right?) started to take down both Jacob Lusk and unexpectedly Lauren Alaina. I didn’t pay too much attention to the missed notes and in fact think it would have be lost on the audience, but they decided to highlight those things repetitively.  It signaled to me their willingness to see Lusk and apparently Alaina ushered out of the competition. Frankly, neither figured it out judging by their post performance comments.

Standout performances this evening were from Scotty McCreery and James Durbin.

Solid performances were turned in by Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart

Disappointing tonight, Jacob Lusk and Lauren Alaina.

Look for the bottom three to be Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina and Casey Abrams.  I think we’ve seen the last of Jacob Lusk, it’s his time to leave.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading this far.