American Idol Journal – Week 8 ELISE TESTONE IS GONE!

Elise Testone

The eliminations get tough tonight because all of the contestants have shown the can get votes.

A Queen Tribute band has been put together by the two remaining Queen originals.  I don’t know how they found him but they discovered a guy who not only sings like Freddie Mercury but he resembles him too!  It was a great opening medley by the band.

After the tribute band performed Ryan called Jessica Sanchez and Elise Testone to the stage.  This means my previous prediction is already wrong since I picked both to be in the bottom three.  Elise was sent to the cheap seats, the bottom three again.

Stefano Langone sang his newly release single.  I always enjoyed Stefano last season, you can read all my comments if you care too.  This is a club dance style that is sometimes called house music too.  He’s already very popular in the latino world now, it didn’t take long for one sector of the entertainment world to embrace him.  He’s from Kent Washington, just up the street from me.

Hollie Cavanagh and Joshua Ledet were asked to take the stage next. Once again I am made to be the fool in my predictions because I thought both of these two would be safe.   Hollie joined Elise in the cheap seats.

Katy Perry was the other big name guest performer tonight.  Unlike many recent guests, Katy’s performance was not laced with sexual innuendos and was another example that a performer can have a hit without being unseemly.  Go Katy.

The final tow contestants, Phillip Phillips and Skylar Laine were the last to be put on the firing line.  I thought Phillip Phillips would be in the bottom three in my conclusions from the performance night, I was wrong AGAIN!  Skylar was sent to join the other two.  Before you could catch your breath however, Ryan sent Skylar back to join the others.

Elise Testone was sent home and for another week Hollie Cavanagh survived.  If we are completely fair that for Elise it was an uphill fight from the beginning.  Elise closed the show with a show stopper performance rock tune.

Until next week, thanks for reading this far.



1 comment for “American Idol Journal – Week 8 ELISE TESTONE IS GONE!

  1. Cely
    April 26, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    I thought my favorite Jessica Sanchez is one of the bottom 3 but when I saw Ryan called her and Elysse, i knew then she’s safe. I didn’t like her singing the Bohemian Rahpsody but love the 2nd song Dance with my father, very nice, this young woman can sing, versatile voice. Good luck Jessica you will go fa.

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