American Idol Journal – Week 7 (Top 7)

Scotty, Haley and James

American Idol week seven is the final ‘positioning’ week in the competition, if you make it to the Top 6 you have a serious chance.  I suppose others will refer to week seven as hump week, in true blue collar fashion, but there is nothing ‘blue collar’ about the competition at this point.  These are genuine up and coming artists.

It was fun to see the eliminated contestants perform, that hasn’t been done before. Only one comment, Paul’s small solo was proof he needed to go, but the others were good.

Scotty McCreery knows how to have fun with the songs he performs. I like that about him.  Scotty, don’t listen to the judges when they tell you “stretch” your performance range and style.  It was clear to me this week the judges are making an effort to take you down a notch… am I alone in thinking this?

Wonderful performance by James Durbin, he continues to be the one to beat.  I will say about his singing this week, I didn’t like the addition of sound effects on his voice. How can we evaluate someones singing when they add a delay effect that makes a voice sound more full?

One of the top two singers this evening was Haley Reinhart.  I sure hope she won some additional support with voters up for grabs, she belongs in the top four.

Jacob Lusk shouldn’t try to channel Luther VandrossLusk sang one of my favorite songs so I’m not sure he had much of a chance with me.  On balance he sang well but ironically it lacked emotion for me. His pre-performance video had more emotion.  The critiques offered by the judges were unfortunate too.

For so many weeks the judges have been trying to get him to sing more controlled, to “tone it down” even and suddenly this week THAT is what they didn’t like about him. Again, how can anyone take these judges seriously?

Casey Abrams and his Maroon Five song was just ok for me (for you, for me). I guess you have to like this style.  This isn’t Abrams style of music and we may see him visit the bottom three.

The best part of the night were the comments made about Stefano Langone!  I mean, flirting with a piece of paper? I truly laughed out loud on that one.  His performance was solid this week.  I could hear him being at the forefront of a disco style music revival.

Lauren Alaina… when is America going to send their votes elsewhere?  I’m being polite when I say tonight’s effort was as boring as any I’ve heard this season.  I know you some of you may be asking what the difference is between her and Scotty, but if you have to ask then no explanation I can provide will suffice.  Scotty has charisma, and engaging style and seems fully alert when he sings.  Lauren is none of those.

Standout performances this evening were Scotty McCreery, James Dubin and Haley Reinhart.

Solid performances came from Stefano Langone, Casey Abrams and Jacob Lusk.

Disappointing showings… just one, Lauren Alaina.

Bottom three will be Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone and Haley Reinhart (although I hope it’s Lauren Alaina).  Say goodbye to Stefano Langone.

The end game starts next week and tomorrow we’ll know who is really still in it, that could win it!

Thanks for reading this far.