American Idol Journal – WEEK 7 STEFANO IS LAN-GONE!

Stefano Langone

Stefano Langone says goodbye this evening, bitter sweet I say.  Stefano has a quality voice but failed to perform at a high level each week.  I had forgotten that he was a wild card save for the Top 12 (turned out to be the Top 13, remember Naima, she was in that final “tough call” for the judges) many weeks ago. It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that he lasted to the Top 7, good on him.

Jacob Lusk looked very worried after the final Langone song when everyone came to wish Stefano some luck in his future, post Idol life.  I think he should be too, at this point I don’t think any contestant can turn the PR tide.  That doesn’t bode will for Haley Reinhart either.

I find it unrealistic to say the two remaining on the stage at the end didn’t deserve to be there too.  I think they did. When asked the question the judges had a chance to bring a bit of credibility back to their part in this show. Another near epic fail.  Once again I was saddened to hear ‘Niffer confess she hoped it was a guy that would end their run tonight.

It seems to me that very fact taints all her advice to the guys during performance night. I miss Simon.

Tonight’s entertainment was less than impressive.  I’m a David Cook fan but was disappointed in his latest song.  He started out rough, uncharacteristically pitchy and he seemed to know it too.  Katy Perry was a cheap imitation of Lady Gaga, Cher or Madonna… take your pick.  Kanye West should have realized that the performance wasn’t about him, they invited Katy to the show and he was just part of the act.

So, if you’re keeping track on my predictions, I was 100% this week. Come on now, I had to be right at least one time, it was bound to happen.

I think the part of the American Idol season that really captures to imagination begins next week.  I consider James Durbin and Scotty McCreery nearly untouchable at this point.  The remaining cast have all had a taste of the cellar, that isn’t likely to change next week either.  Three of those four will still be there.

Thanks for reading this far.